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  1. Kryptonite21

    Kryptonite21 New Member

    I bought a San Francisco 2 yesterday for a price (Right from the shop orange) now. I like it. but i recently ran into a problem of it forcing programs to close. and today it kept forcing every program i was turning on to close, so i turned it off, i then went to turn it on. It vibrated and android robot comes up & then the orange logo comes on.. i was feeling lucky. All of a sudden (takes like a min to boot) It then decided to show the logo again. and again and again. I took everything out and rebooted it it. same problem. It seams to have happend out of the blue. It was perfect. Now i cant even load it up. I could take it to the Shop tomorrow. but that means more money to get there. Or i could hopfully fix it today and see what happens tomorrow. I read about Power off, then holding Power + Vol u + Home but nothing happens. I then press Vol D + Power when turning it on it comes up with 'FTM' what is the next step or best thing to do ( all i know is its a San Francisco ll (ZTE) found the ZTE on the battery.

    Thanks in advance

  2. smudgey4

    smudgey4 Member

    I'm also interested in this but mine has been de-branded by me.
  3. david_poole

    david_poole New Member

    dude i have the exact same problem and not sure how to get rid of it as well. could you please let me know how to fix it when you find out that would be greatfull

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