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  1. i5500

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    I have just purchased the San Fransisco II, an upgrade from my previous mobile.

    I read & was fully aware that it would cost

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    To send your phone back you'd need to re-flash the original rom (which you can get from that site if you don't take a backup)

    Clockwork is just the name of the software

    If you're new to this, I'd advise you wait until the pro's have ironed out all the creases and get the procedure simplified... like is readily available for the original SF.
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  6. i5500

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    yeah i think will just wait.

    thanks anyways for the website links

    & by the way how long did it take the people at that website to find a way to unlock networks for the SF I? since the mobile came out?
  7. fr0d0

    fr0d0 Well-Known Member

    I don't know sorry i5500 ...other guys here might know - I was quite late to the party! :)

    BTW mods - the ZTE name for the San Francisco 2 and T-Mobile Vivacity is the Crescent... so this section should have that as a subtitle ;)
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  9. Bigcammy

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    My SF2 arrived yesterday and I unlocked and debranded it last night. It took me about an hour as I'd never done it before on any phone and a couple of the steps were both tricky and slightly nerve wracking, but it all worked and I've my GiffGaff SIM in and working perfectly, happy days.
  10. sibbo

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    Which instructions did you follow?
  11. Bigcammy

    Bigcammy New Member

    It was the links in the posts above, however since unlocking and debranding I'm having a few issues with WIFI but getting them sorted ok
  12. fr0d0

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  13. R2k4net

    R2k4net New Member

    Now Got a step by step guide, every one can unlock the Phone without any experience. I have done on my own and this is my first android phone.

    -- R2K4Net
  14. BubbaHotepUK

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  15. Reider

    Reider Well-Known Member

    This video may help, but bear in mind its a different site with the intents of getting giff gaff working with the ohone. I`m thinking that using the video and comparing with the instructions here in this site then determining if they are the same it may help. I know I`d prefer a video with textual instructions. I have posted this once in another thread so I`ll quote it as follows;

  16. Reider

    Reider Well-Known Member

    My SFII is now unlocked and running 02, the same day I got it on Friday. I decided to leave installing a non stock ROM til another day. Then realised the Orange stuff is getting on my nerves already. But I found no matter what I do getting into FTM is easy but the mode where you use the up/down button to move and the Home key to select is a problem returning to. I tried all sorts but cannot get back to that point to select the de branded ROM I put on the SD Card root.

    EDIT: Ignore, now de branded. May have to put the stock ROM back on and do again though. Need to wait until it charges and see again what to do for the best.

  17. i5500

    i5500 Member

    I successfully unlocked mine to o2 aswell. so I can put my giffgaff sim in ;)

    i did it through the blogspot help, aswell as ggs video guide part to qpst & the clockwork/rom part from the actual modaco forum (also used the forum for like backup to check if steps were accurate) & followed frm there

    glad ive unlocked it now i can utilise the mobile properly eg internet outdoors & use properly.
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  18. PJCasey

    PJCasey New Member

    I've tried to unlock a San Francisco II phone but without success. Tried the sites with the code generator, entering the IMEI, but no go. I have a few attempts left but don't want to end up locking the phone up completely. I bought the phone on 30.12.11 and have just tried to unlock it today (February 3rd). Do I need to wait another couple of months before trying to unlock it? Any help gratefully received.
  19. Reider

    Reider Well-Known Member

    Their have been no reports, as far as I know, of either the SFII or the Vivacity being successfully unlocked using a code. Many have sent them away to be done and had nothing but problems with them. The majority using the links in this post, having carefully read and adhered to the instructions, now have working unlocked and/or debranded phones.

    I`m certainly glad I did it and have swapped ROMs some 20+ times now and will be trying a new one again pretty soon. I almost always go back to the same ROM (Fish N Chips) with Nemus built in but have changed my boot animation today to one I really like. Its quite addictive once you get going and you never seem to get bored of the look and layout of the phone. Ok so some of it doesn`t work 100% but its usually nothing major and often fixed by trying a different APP-sometimes preferring that one to the original. The ROMS are pretty much beta but close to final IMHO, so the odd minor error is expected until reported and fixed.
  20. Arbu

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    I'd like to do this but I get stuck on the "(hopefully you previously managed to backup your config with QPST)" bit. I've downloaded QPST but when I go in to QPST/Ports/Add New Port I get no ports showing. Any advice?

    Edit: I managed to find a port by deselecting the "Show Serial and USB Ports only..." checkbox and I added that. But under the phone heading it shows "no phone" so that doesn't fill me with confidence.
  21. fr0d0

    fr0d0 Well-Known Member

    New foolproof guide here:


    [HOW TO] Unlock the Orange San Francisco II - Complete, beginner, noob friendly guide.
  22. Arbu

    Arbu Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I can't unzip though. I get the error "Error: unable to seek to beginning of central directory." from WinZip. Any suggestions?
  23. Reider

    Reider Well-Known Member

    Download it again after deleting yours, it may be corrupted. Try the quoted 7zip in the message instead. Both should work but just try it, its free and it doesn`t matter if you have both. I usually use WinRar and select "unzip here" as it does zip files as well as Rar files.

    I just downloaded that file and used WinRar, selected "unzip here" and it did it in seconds. no problem here at all and all files are ready to use. Get WinRar here;

    I usually make a folder same name as the file, place it inside the new folder. Then right click the zipped file and choose "unzip here".
  24. Arbu

    Arbu Well-Known Member

    OK, I've downloaded it again. And I downloaded WinRAR and unzipped it with that. Where your instructions say "open md5.exe" I assume I do this just by double clicking on md5.exe within WinRAR. When I do this I get the following errors:

    "! C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Downloads\ The archive is corrupt
    ! C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Downloads\ The archive is corrupt
    ! C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Downloads\ CRC failed in Stock ROMs\ The file is corrupt
    ! Cannot execute "C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\Rar$EXa0.645\Stock ROMs\md5.exe"

    If I try it with 7Zip (which I've also downloaded) I get: "An attempt was made to move the file pointer before the beginning of the file".

    So I'm still stuck.
  25. Reider

    Reider Well-Known Member

    an .exe file is a self extracting file (an executable file) so you don`t use Winzip, 7zip, WinRar or anything like that to run it. You just doubleclick on an .exe and it runs.

    What is a Self-Extracting Zip File? - WinZip Computing :: Knowledgebase

    Purely as an example;

    Assume you made a folder called "Test" on the desktop.
    You go to the Test folder and right click, paste the file in that folder
    You right click the file and choose "extract here"

    You then follow the instructions on that link site.

    It says open the Stock Roms folder, So you open the Test folder or wherever you extracted it to, you open the Stock Roms folder and when it says to open that MD5.exe you just double click on it to run it. You already did what you needed to do with WinRar, Winzip, 7zip or whatever you used to extract it.

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