SanDisk Ultra 64 ($37.95) or 32 ($17.95), or 16 (9.95)

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  1. dfran1

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  2. NYCHitman1

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    This deal is still active, just an FYI!
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  3. KOLIO

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    This exact card is available @ RADIO SHACK for $49.99 until 11/10/2012.

    However,if you sign-up for their deal alerts, newsletters, etc.....
    you may find a $10 off any $40 purchase in your spam folder, as I did.

    I was having difficulty w/the website accepting the coupon code, as I was put in a continuous loop of check-out/shipping information, etc..... so I paid the local RADIO SHACK store a visit.
    They ordered it direct-ship to me free of shipping costs & was also successful in applying the $10 discount.

    Bottom line for the SANDISK 64GB ULTRA CLASS 10 MICRO SDXC CARD : $39.99 + sales tax.
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  4. KOLIO

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    On sale once again, one day only @ BEST BUY for $42.99
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  5. KOLIO

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    Upon further review, the card available @ BEST BUY may be a CLASS 6 card.
    Looking @ the advertisement, the pix shows both the CLASS 6 & CLASS 10 cards.

    I looked @ SANDISK's website & forum & found conflicting information as to which one this is. (MODEL # SDSDQY-064G-A11A).

    Anyone that could verify which one this is? I'm @ work ATM & will try to find more information ASAP.


    SANDISK'S CSR/Chat line is unavailable on the weekends. Also, to muddy the waters even more, when I linked THE BEST BUY websites' DEAL of the DAY, (which states again that this is a CLASS 10 Card), the link via SMS states that this is a CLASS 6 Card.

    I'll try a call to BEST BUY's CSR/Chat line (if anyone is available).


    Just got an e-mail response back from SANDISK on MODEL:SDSDQY-064G-A11A & this is in fact a CLASS 6 Card & not a CLASS 10 Card as advertised by BEST BUY.
  6. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    updated great prices today and for ??? long see first post
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  7. OverByter

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    Yeah the part number for the class 10 is SDSDQUA-064G-A11A
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  8. KOLIO

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    MODEL:SDSDQUI-064G-A11A is also a valid P/N for the 64GB CLASS 10 ULTRA MICRO SD CARD.
    The one letter difference in model # (SDSDQUA vs SDSDQUI) is an identifying tool for place/method of manufacture of the card,per SANDISK CSR.
  9. KOLIO

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  10. Genyc07

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    Awe man missed it hopefully next time I want 64 for my commando.

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