SaneiN77&N91 stuck on start up

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  1. scrooge247

    scrooge247 Member

    Hi I have these 2 tablets stuck My smart my life i have contacted the seller they sent me an email with a file that i good reprogram these tablets but i cant open this file due to it being sent via email. I am now downloading
    a fie for the sanei n10 4.04 to see if this works

    Does anyone know if this will work on my n91 i am at my wits end in trying things any help would be great Please Please
    Thanks for any help

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Moved thread into General Tablet Talk from Computers and IT, as this is about a Chinese Android tablet problem.

    Hello and ni hao scrooge247 welcome to Android Forums.

    What file did they email you? If it's a software ROM image, you're really meant to open that. Sometimes to load the software on a tablet, you might either run a software flashing tool on your PC, or you copy the ROM file to the tablet when it's plugged into your PC. Then you boot the tablet into recovery mode, which then loads the ROM itself.

    Unfortunately Sanei is one of these cheapo off-brand Chinese things, and bricking is a very common problem with them. Finding information about what you're supposed to do about it is next to impossible sometimes. Sanei is probably a trading company, the actual manufacturer is unknown.

    You could try the N91 software, may not work though, although it sounds like you've got nothing to lose.
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  3. scrooge247

    scrooge247 Member

    Thanks mikedt i think i might be getting some where i had to download a program to open the file because it was rar so i have all photo shots on what to do so will give this a try today fingers crossed.
  4. scrooge247

    scrooge247 Member

    lol meant to add not the best with computers but trying to learn

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