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  1. yahar

    yahar Member

    I just picked up a zio until the sprint store gets more evos in. When I connect the zio to usb it says that windows failed to install the usb software. If I look under my computer the phone isn't listed.

    Does anyone know where to get drivers from?

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  2. yahar

    yahar Member

    anybody know what to do?
  3. wwwilly1986

    wwwilly1986 Member

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  4. MyS6t

    MyS6t New Member

    I have been looking for the USB driver also. This does not work with Vista 64bit OS. Has anyone else had any luck finding this Driver?
  5. cobravenom39

    cobravenom39 New Member

    Then I am not crazy. I couldn't get it to work with Vista, either. WTF?

    Now what?
  6. Laura-bot

    Laura-bot New Member

    If all you need to do is gain usb storage access to transfer files back and forth just connect your phone let it run through all the can not find this device messages then from your phone go to menu > notifications > usb connected > mount

    This worked for me to be able to share files. I am going looking for the driver now for thethering though, will post back what I find :)
  7. paisano2011

    paisano2011 New Member

    i need to conect my zio sanyo droid to do a hard reset, and i dont have the right drivers, does any one could help me with it? my phone its on to many attempts on google account! tnks
  8. Nlobell77

    Nlobell77 New Member

    i cannot find anywhere online to download a driver for this model. it is not from sprint or cricket, so i don't know if the sprint model download is compatible. does anyone know this? thanks.
  9. sinisin

    sinisin Active Member

    SCP-8600 are Sprint based Zios also released thru MetroPCS.
    M6000 are Cricket based Zios.

    Hope this helps.
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  10. pearlygates

    pearlygates Member

    Running into the same problem with my Vista 64bit os. The driver seems to install but I end up with a message that the installed driver is incompatible with the computer platform.:mad:

  11. dougie77

    dougie77 New Member

  12. dougie77

    dougie77 New Member

    Shoot me an email for zio drivers. Alternately, if you google the zio drivers for windows, the microsoft windows site will have them and links to the zio website where you can download the driver for whatever phone you have. If you can't find it, shoot me an email and I'll give you what I have.
  13. MrWareWolf

    MrWareWolf Member

    I have a Zio for use with Cricket.. The drivers are not that hard to find.. you can get them from the cricket online help site, the site, or a couple other places. The problem is that even after installing the 'drivers' and the 'futuredial' application (which is a bloated contact manager app) -- you're left with crap on the computer that you don't need & when you connect the phone, it always wants to look for drivers from the windows website. It cannot find the drivers, and results in a message something like "unable to find the file specified" then it will tell you your device might not work properly.. There is a simple solution to this (a few actually) is what I came up with:

    1) drop the phone on a concrete slab, and stomp on it until it is unrecognizable..


    2) cram it down the throat of your nearest cricket stores' representative when they ask if they can 'help you'...


    3) hit cancel when it tries to find drivers, click cancel again when it asks about the next device it finds, and finally click cancel for the third device it finds.. next on your phone (__with it connected__) go to usb ( I use the top bar, to get there.. ) & click where it says "select to copy files to/from your computer" & finally click where it says "Turn on USB storage". Finally your zio memory card will show up as a drive, from my computer.

    STUPID Windows!! STUPID STUPID STUPID... it needs NO drivers..

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