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  1. wraith1

    wraith1 New Member

    Hello, i'm a newbie here, and would like to know about an issue w/ my phone.... I'd love to have my droid run my lap top, but don't know how to do this ? I'm new to tech stuff, and easily understand things. Any help with this issue will be most appreciated, as i'd love to take my comp. w/ me on the road, and not paay for an air card service, on top of my cricket monthly plan. Is this possible to do with this phone ??

  2. wraith1

    wraith1 New Member

    thanx to all the help i found off of this site i got ahold of and i now have my zio up and running i highly recomend this for any android based phone. it's powering my net on my laptop, and working like a charm. Why did no one reply to my thread here on this site ??? plenty viewed it, but..... A bit disheartening for a newbie, mods be aware, i'm here to stay
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  3. Cbrewer2341

    Cbrewer2341 New Member

    :mad:Ive had my ZIO phone for almost a year now it wont accept my google account i can log on on the comp but it wont let me on my phone?!?!?!?!?!?! How did you get your fixed?
  4. sinisin

    sinisin Active Member

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