Sasktel samsung galaxy s no roaming in US.

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  1. rjxox

    rjxox Member

    Well we just went to Las vegas and i had no phone service. Nothing at all. I called Sasktel and asked WTF. They said that on 2.1 at least you had voice calls but with 2.2 upgrade there is no roaming at all in the US. Of course they blame it on Samsung. They are hoping for a fix in a couple months. What a crock of s#$%#t. They should have emailed or wrote a letter to all of their clients. im going to call tomorrow and raise hell

  2. darklide

    darklide Well-Known Member

    How did that go?
  3. rjxox

    rjxox Member

    There is nothing they can do. Sasktel was friendly enough but still disapointing. We still have our old phones so on our recent trip to Arizona we simply had our service switched back to our old phones. This morning i called up and had serviced switched to our androids again. They say a fix should be out by June :(
  4. rjxox

    rjxox Member

    new update now out!!
  5. JesseWalby

    JesseWalby New Member

    With the price of data roaming out of country I would not have recommended it anyway.

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