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  1. mci

    mci New Member

    can anyone help were can i find sat nav for free any help pls

  2. DrDeath

    DrDeath Member

    if you want it for free you need either to wait until we get 2.1 ROM (or get a phone with 2.1), then you will have free google maps navigation (uses internet connection),
    or you can get yourself a nokia phone, then you will have free gps (nokia maps) which works all over the world and doesnt require internet connection. There are probably some other free solutions but I doubt they will be comparable
  3. mr-zee

    mr-zee Active Member

    sat nav? I used Andnav (search in andoid marketplace). Its free and works pretty well on my G2. However, I'm now using Co-pilot live which is also very good (mind you, its a paid app)
  4. phan

    phan Member

    You'll have loads of options if you're willing to pay for a sat nav app, but if you want a free one you are limited. You have AndNav, which is a bit pants, Nav4All which I don't think works any more, or Google Maps Navigation. The latter will work on the G2 on Rom 1.6, and it WILL work in the UK if you download Nav launcher. That will download a tweaked version of Google Maps that allows the turn by turn navigation to work in the UK. The voice directions are a bit hit and miss though. Details of those three are on this sat nav apps page.

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