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  1. marlissa

    marlissa New Member

    How do I save apps to my SD card? I have an LG optimistic one a d it often tells me it is low on storage space

  2. samrox144

    samrox144 Disabled

    Just go to app manager and select move to SD card..
    Did you root your phone ...
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  3. lrae2k

    lrae2k New Member

    What do you mean by rooting phone? Because I too am having the same problem as the user who started this post. I also have move all that I can to my SD card and am unable to download any apps as to it saying that I have insufficient memory on my internal storage.
  4. starrscreem

    starrscreem Member

    Rooting allows you to take control of your phone...

    go here android forums-rooting

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