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Save the Reserve Hd out for the Android!

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  1. addybaddy

    addybaddy New Member

    Check out this awesome new tower defence game just launched by zealcity studios. you can download the game for your Android Phones and tablets from here http://bit.ly/zv730z

    You can look at the promo trailer on youtube from this link http://bit.ly/zCLjGE
    Save the most beautiful from the most Evil!
    Face the heat and Save Animal Reserve's across the planet!!!
    New game offer only till March 31st!!! Download now and get future upgrades free for life!
    Are you ready to take on the most evil Poachers on the planet?
    Face the heat from the world's deadliest while you protect the world's most beautiful from extinction!!!
    Become the world’s greatest hero & save Animal reserves across the globe in this amazing new Adventure. Join the Animal Protectors Federation and take on the poachers from across the globe.
    The poachers are after your blood, so are you ready for some real action?
    Use your weapons wisely and stop the poacher’s federation which include the likes of cold blooded villains such as "yo mama" Osama, idi amin, yeti, “I’m” Putin, Al Capone & a whole host of bloody crazy brutes who are after the most endangered species.

    Travel from country to country by saving endangered species such as the royal Bengal tiger, Siberian tigers, Elephants, lions, Pandas & more. You are the last hope for the animals so gear up to face the world’s deadliest poachers from wrecking havoc across the globe.

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