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  1. tgrtym

    tgrtym Member

    I am new to the HTC Inspire.. I had an Iphone so the sim card is a bit new to me... how do you save pictures to the sim card? I apologise if this has been addressed already....thank you in advance.

  2. mattbe213

    mattbe213 Well-Known Member

    I am going to assume that you mean the SD card. The process of elimination has pointed me in this direction. Anyways, we have two options here. Assuming that you want to save pictures that are already to your computer to your SD card, we will go from there. The first option is to use HTC Sync, and you can get that HERE. After the installation is complete, go ahead and plug in the phone and set it to "HTC Sync". I've never used this before, so it may or may not sync your pictures. If you don't like this option, or if it wont sync pictures, option two is the way to go. Plug in your phone, set it to "Disk Drive". This will mount the SD card so that you can access it through your PC. Then Windows should bring up AutoPlay. Click on "Open folder to view files". Then, open the folder that is called "DCIM", and click on "100MEDIA". From here you will need access to the pictures that you would like to add to your phone from your computer. When you get those pictures, copy all of the pictures to THIS folder. And after that is finished, your done! You can now go to the Gallery app on the Inspire and view the photos. If you would like a further explanation of either of these options, feel free to ask!

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  3. tgrtym

    tgrtym Member

    Matt, thank you for understanding the true meaning of what I wrote lol... yes SD card is what I meant. Thank you for your directions! I will give them a try and let you know. I appreciate your help!


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