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  1. klandenstein

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    Mar 4, 2010
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    I've been running a 2.1 rom and was wondering if i could somehow save particular app data, like per say what i want, which is savegame data. how would i go about backing up just that? so when i wipe/flash i can just put the game with its savedata without having to back up my whole /data folder.

  2. esocid

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    Dec 8, 2009
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    If you are referring to save games in an emulator, they're in whatever folder your ROMs are, on your sdcard As for anything else, I have no idea where they save the data, but should also be on the sdcard. Snoop around your sdcard for any new folders that seem like they are related to a game.
  3. klandenstein

    klandenstein New Member This Topic's Starter

    Mar 4, 2010
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    I snooped through every dir and subdir of /sdcard, and nothing was there. i found saves of other games, but not the one i want. would it be in /system? and if it was, how would i mount /system? if its any help the game i'm speaking of is jewellust.
  4. njKeever

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    Nov 18, 2009
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    Titanium backup allows you to backup individual apps and data.
  5. UBRocked

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    Jan 31, 2010
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    Klandenstein, I needed to install Ultimate Droid v5 on my phone and then I saw your post so I figured I could do two things at once. I too was seeking the same kind of backup capability as I have been using MyBackup Pro to back up my apps.

    I had heard this but had yet to try here's what I found from a little testing...

    ***Set up***
    - Installed Ultimate Droid v5 ROM (stock)
    - Installed all of my applications (Pandora, SetCPU, etc.)
    - Set up my applications (signed into Pandora, configured profiles in SetCPU, etc.)
    - Configured my POP email accounts
    - Set my screen icons and widgets up the way I like to have them for 7 screen configuration (got everything situated like my color of the battery life widget, etc.)
    - Renamed and moved the facebook app so I could skin it in metamorph
    - I played a game of Home Run Battle so I had a "high score" listed
    - Set Ringtones, volume levels, etc.
    -I'm sure there was more but bottom line...I was all configured and set-up with my new ROM and it took about 1 hour.

    - Downloaded the free version of Titanium Backup from the market
    - Made a backup with Titanium (selected Batch backup of "all user apps + system data")
    - Powered down my phone and then entered recovery
    - Made a nandroid backup (in case Titanium failed to restore everything
    - Reflashed the stock version of Ultimate Droid v5
    - Once flashed, I rebooted the phone (no icons, widgets, etc. were showing and none of my apps were loaded)
    - Downloaded the free version of Titanium Backup again
    - Performed a restore of all user apps + data with Titanium Backup (had to step though the installation of all user apps but all settings restored automatically through this process)
    - I was not prompted to reboot and as no icons or widgets were populated...I rebooted the phone

    - When phone rebooted, I had all shortcuts where I had placed them before my initial backup.
    - Widgets were all in correct places but all of them were mere placeholders. They all had to be deleted and then I had to set up all widgets manually.
    - When some widgets were added, like the Battery Life widget, The red color of the battery widget returned as a red widget
    - POP email accounts were configured correctly! :D
    - Most if not all apps that required root, asked for root again upon first use.
    - I was not signed into Pandora after the restore...not a big deal, just noteworthy
    - Ringtones and volume (media volume for example) were corrected to my presets that I had specified previously
    - Opened 'Home Run Battle' and verified that my high score was was :)

    -Only issue I had was with Facebook. I'm sure this is due to the fact that I changed/moved the original Facebook app. I could not re-install facebook from the market cause it said it was already installed. I performed a search but I could not find the .apk file anywhere. I have not explored this any further but I'm sure it can be resolved easily.

    Total time to restore to this point - approx 15 min

    Hope that helps! :)


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