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  1. reubixcubix

    reubixcubix Member

    desire c is my first smart phone and im finding my way around slowly.
    can someone tell me how to save an image from a web page?

    google search an image .. saved image... but where does it go its not in my gallery folder.

    while im asking daft questions :rolleyes: is there app can i use to get webpage extracts into i right in that evernote web clipper isnt available for android mobiles?

    thanks for you help in advance :)

  2. RogerWD

    RogerWD Member

    Hi when I want to save an image on the Desire C I select and hold on the image after a short while a menu pops up and near the bottom the option to save image
    select this. You will see download on the notifications bar pull this down and select the downloaded option you can then view the image.
    The image is downloaded on mine to a folder on the SD card called Downloads
    I use Astro file manager to view my files via the manage my files option but it usefull for other things app backup for one
    Hope this helps with your first question
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  3. reubixcubix

    reubixcubix Member

    thanks roger.. that definately works for images within a website... but not with google image results :/ i have no idea why that would be ?
  4. RogerWD

    RogerWD Member

    Hi looked at your problem
    I must admit only had phone last 2 weeks copied images from web pages fine
    Looked tonight at Google images and yes it brings up the menu when you select and hold image but when you select option to save it stops at that point does not appear to download or save thumbprint, open up image to full screen and I get no menu option at all, I will look into this further, may be a bug ...

    Just downloaded opera, tried Google images selected and held image for menu, selected save, this me a choice of where to download to checked gallery picture saved.

    hope this is what you require
    android internet may be flawed but opera worked ok
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  5. RogerWD

    RogerWD Member

    Can't help with your other question - yet see what i come up with
  6. reubixcubix

    reubixcubix Member

    thanks roger.. i moved to dolphin and i seem to be able to do it now

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