saving attachments as wallpaper on samsung galaxy sSupport

  1. roseflower

    roseflower New Member

    Hi. I am very new to all this and not very technical! I have a samsung galaxy s. I have a photo from an email attachment which got saved into "my files" . I would like to use the photo as my wallpaper but can't see how to do this! Any help would be fantastic thanks

  2. lilien98

    lilien98 Active Member

    Press menu (the button on the left)
    then wallpaper-Gallery

    then pic the picture from the folder....
  3. roseflower

    roseflower New Member

    Hi thanks for that but I've tried that and it doesn't work! When I click menu, gallery, wallpaper, the file my photo is in isn't displayed. The photo is in My Files, not in Gallery. How can I move it into the Gallery?

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