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Saving Downloaded Music to SD card

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  1. asterry1

    asterry1 Member

    Some of the music that I download will appear in my music player for a day but will disappear overnight. It will show up in my Astro File manager in the music download folder, but not in the music folder. I assume only the music in the music folder will play in the music player. Any idea of how to avoid this? I want to be able to download music directly into the music folder or to the SD card so my songs won't disappear.

  2. Nope, the phone will scan the entire sd card for music.

    That would be a setting in whatever app you are using to download music. Otherwise, you will just have to manually move the files after they are downloaded.
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  3. asterry1

    asterry1 Member

    I have moved the file numerous times and they show up for a day and disappear overnight. It also show duplicates in the player. How can't I prevent that from happening? Also, do you have any recommendations for Music Downloading Apps?
  4. Not sure, what phone do you have?

    Amazon MP3 works good for me
  5. asterry1

    asterry1 Member

    I have an HTC inspire 4g

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