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  1. bknewtype

    bknewtype Well-Known Member

    hey guys. im thinkin about flashing a new rom on my droid and was wondering if there was a way to save my game data from apps? ( to be specific, zenonia and caligo chaser and asphalt 4. thanks in advance!

  2. Papadroid

    Papadroid VIP Member VIP Member

    Titanium Backup or MyBackup Pro.
  3. defkorn

    defkorn Well-Known Member

    +1 Been using Titanium Backup for a while and it's saved me a lot of time when trying to reload apps and data after flashing a new ROM. It will not save text messages though, which I think (I may be wrong) MyBackup Pro will do.
  4. bknewtype

    bknewtype Well-Known Member

    i think i tried titanium backup lite before and it didnt load some of the apps. i will try again. thanks!
  5. Papadroid

    Papadroid VIP Member VIP Member

    Yes MyBackup Pro does save texts as well as call logs and bookmarks. MyBackup Pro is the software I prefer, although it does not backup system apps but I usually don't care about that. For how I use my backups, MyBackup Pro has been less problematic than Titanium.
  6. arun86_uck

    arun86_uck New Member

    Sir i am developing a game in android with eclipse 3.6 and sqlite as back end it is almost like farm ville in face book my problem is with the saving of the game it need to save all the details like plant growth current position and status so some one plz help

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