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saving items directly to the external storage?General

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  1. lruizjr

    lruizjr New Member

    Is there a setting that I missed. when i take pictures or download items, i would like to have these items saved directly to the sd card. Right now I am going to the file manager and selecting the items and copying them to the sd card, and then deleting the originals from the thrive internal memory.

  2. BigRedGonzo

    BigRedGonzo Well-Known Member

    I have this same question. Anybody?
  3. Vadoff

    Vadoff New Member

    Same problem, please help.
  4. Dmags

    Dmags Member

    I just bought a new micro as card and I'm using it with an adapter. I can see the as card in file manager but I can't get anything to save to it. I've tried copy/past, create new folder, cut/past. I've mounted and unmounted several times. I've rebooted several times with no luck. Any ideas?

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