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saving photos to memory card rather than camera!Support

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  1. Debeaniebaby

    Debeaniebaby New Member

    I have recently swopped my Blackberry for a Samsung Galaxy Ace. One thing I preferred about the Blackberry was that it saved my photos to a memory card which meant I could take a lot more pictures. Does anyone know if I can do this with the Galaxy Ace? Can I save my pics direct to the memory card or if not how do I transfer them from the camera to the memory card in the phone - hope someone can help as I like to have lots of pics on my phone to look through and it is frustrating only being able to see a few.:confused: Thanks


  2. socrates0

    socrates0 Well-Known Member

    In fact in this model you can save ONLY on the memory card. :)
    To transfer you can use the official s/w called KIES but I would recommend MyPhoneExplorer FJ Software Development as it does everything KIES does except update the firmware & connect to Samsung Apps. And you can connect to MyPhoneExplorer via WiFi/USB cable/Bluetooth
  3. ktriebol

    ktriebol Well-Known Member

    Maybe your memory card is not correctly formatted, which could force the use of internal memory. See your owner's manual for instructions on formatting the memory card and give it a try. Note: Be sure to use the phone to format the card while the card is in the phone. Do not format the card with a PC.
  4. socrates0

    socrates0 Well-Known Member

    Correct me if I am wrong but in the Galaxy Ace the camera does not work if the memory card is not inserted. It's this way on my phone :)
  5. galaxyace152

    galaxyace152 Well-Known Member

    Go to your sd card and there will be a folder called DCIM. Inside that folder will be another folder called camera. That is where all your pics are stored!
  6. lica27

    lica27 New Member

    ok, im not very savy when it comes to technology and phones n stuff but i ned to know how to save my pics n videos to my sd card... i have a metro LG android... and i know the thread above was stating the same thing but im not sure if its just for that phone in particular. im trying to save it bacuse i am going to be doing a factory reset to syn another google acct on my phone because the google acct that was sync as the primary was disabled. n customer service from metro said yes, i have to save all my contacts n pics n videos to my sd card before i do a factory reset to not lose my pics n stuff... any advise as how i do that..? any one...? pls. :)
  7. Marcha

    Marcha Well-Known Member

    Since this part of the forum is for Samsung Galaxy Ace only, please take a look at the LG part. Good luck.
  8. AdContentMedia

    AdContentMedia New Member

    Have a look at the video we made - just type "How to install a Micro SD Card in an Android Smartphone and save media to the memory card" into YouTube (sorry, we can't post links yet!)
  9. sheriffjoe

    sheriffjoe Member

    I've watched the video but when I click on settings on my Galaxy Ace there is nothing about storage. I'm baffled.

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