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Saving pics and videoTips

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  1. Mugroso

    Mugroso Member

    When I snap pics or take video it saved to the phone. How do I change it to save to my removable micro SD card?

  2. gixxer_751

    gixxer_751 Well-Known Member

    r sure about that.. this phones hardley saves anything to the phone phone.. if the sd card is slotted, it automatically saves to the card..
  3. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    +1. My phone still has pretty much all of the phone memory remaining and I've been using it since last December.
  4. gixxer_751

    gixxer_751 Well-Known Member

    yay.. so does mine.. 2G on phone & bout 4G's left on SD card..

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