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  1. Billy1036fm

    Billy1036fm Active Member

    Hi everyone

    I am X10 owner but can anyone tell me how to save text messages that come in to my phone. This phone is nowhere as simple as an old nokia or SE so any help appreciated. Also how do I forward messages that I receive.

    Don't mind saving them on the phone memory or SD card but need to be able to get to them and ensure they are in folders - inbox, sent items etc.

    Any help appreciated.

    Many thanks Billy

  2. Madmax56

    Madmax56 Well-Known Member

    I can answer one of the questions:

    you can forward a message by touching the message and long hold it. A box will pop up with options, one of which is to forward. This will forward the message (but not the entire thread).

    One of the other options that pops up is to copy. You can copy the message and then through a file manager create a file on your SD card and paste it into their. This is cumbersome and maybe somebody else has a better suggestion.

    You can also use a program like Mybackup and backup your data to your SD card. You can backup all your data (contacts, logs, sms, etc) or just your sms.

    Hope this helps.
  3. TheManWithAPlan

    TheManWithAPlan Well-Known Member

    I can confirm mybackup works.. really useful for saving several stuff. if you want a simple app just for sms then you can try sms backup & restore from market!

    hope it helps!
  4. palace35mm

    palace35mm Member

    Once you are in messages just press the options key and say send to SD card and all ur sms's are backed up.
  5. Billy1036fm

    Billy1036fm Active Member

    Madmax 56 - Thanks - I have sorted the forwarding out great however I am still totally bemused by the phone. Why can it not work in a simple way - namely you receive a text in an inbox and send a text which goes to a sent item box. Surely this is a simple procedure. Nokia basic phones have their faults but to not have an inbox and sent item box on a phone of this magnitude is surely pathetic and down right silly?

    The Man With A Plan - SMS back up works but how can I get it to work so as received messages go to an in box and sent messages to a sent box.

    Happy to be called stupid but this is a fundamental thing which should be very easy to do - or is the X10 so complicated that this is not possible?

    More help please if it is available.
  6. Billy1036fm

    Billy1036fm Active Member

    Further to my request for a method of saving text messages in inbox, sent items I have contacted SE and they have provided a bog standard answer saying it cant be done; and further that they cannot advise of an app to do it as this would be from a 3rd party.

    Now I know there are so many helpful people on this forum but has anyone actually found any app which will allow this process to happen. I am happy to pay for it if needed but would like something which works like a normal phone - text into inbox or sent to sent items. I am on the verge of canning this phone - it is too complicated for what I want and was hoping that things would be simple. I have also pointed out to SE that there is a load of rubbish applications on it which cannot be deleted and am awaiting an update as to what they say to that.

    So people, if anyone has anything in the app world that will do what I want on my phone I am all ears and you will received so many thanks I cannot begin to tell you!!!!!


  7. Gurba

    Gurba Well-Known Member

    The phone isn't difficult to use. It's just different to what you're used to. I think the conversationstyle SMS setup is brilliant. Much better than the inbox/outbox Nokia uses. This way I can follow a hole conversation with a contact without going back and forth between in- and outbox. I went from Nokia N95 to the X10i and it took a few days to get aquainted with it. Now the only thing I miss about the N95 is the videoediting app and possibly Nokis maps but I've got the Sygic maps so I'll see how that goes. :)
  8. wooks63

    wooks63 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry you feel this way, but in this case, I think you should have done a lot more homework before getting this phone. Simple is one thing the X10 most certainly isn't (the price tag should have told you this!). I'd personally class it as a small multi-media computer which just so happens to be able to make phone calls.

    I agree with Gurba. You have to forget about how you used to do things on 'simple' phones, and embrace the way that the Android OS does things. Once you've done this, it's not difficult to use.

    I also think the way that messages are handled in one long conversation, as opposed to inboxes and sent items folders, is brilliant and I wouldn't want to go back to the old way. I also find it a lot easier managing which messages I want to keep and which I want to delete.

    So before canning the phone, please try and get used to the new way it does things. It really is a great phone!
  9. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    I have to say I agree with the previous couple of posts. The X10 is a different beast to the old style phones. If thats what you like then perhaps you made the wrong choice.

    I too love the conversation style but I use HandCent app free from the market as its much more customisable.

    Give it a go and give yourself some time to get used to phone.
  10. powerkiter

    powerkiter Well-Known Member

    + 1 to the 3 above posts, this was my first smart phone of any sort and it was a strange transition but after 1 1/2 months the phone has now intergrated into my work and personal life so much I would never go back to a dumb phone!

    I am a self employed decorator and run a powerkite school at the beach, this phone allows me to run both my company's from it and can even use it to take credit card payments online so when at the beach I can accept cash or credit payment and all my emails can be read and replied to fast as they come through.

    I pimp the school via facebook so the facebook widget is epic for me as an advertising tool to respond to posts and messages esp as it pings up when I get a message on fb. I also moderate a powerkite forum and can access every part of the forum including the Vbulletin's control panel for editing members.

    Then in the evening it becomes a whole lot more where I can go to a BBQ and conect the phone to a stereo and wifi then use Spotify to stream music and anyone can just go and search for what they want and then play it. Add in a password protected folder to store all your personal stuff in and no problems of people finding them pictures of your girlfriend you took, or the girlfriend finding pictures of your "bit on the sides" tits she sent you one night when you was sexting ;)

    It's a great phone and works amazingly well when you get used to it.

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