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saving txt messages

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  1. Mike.Adams

    Mike.Adams Member

    1. whats an app that lets you take your entire convo and save it to your laptop?

    2. whats a way to save certain txts to the phone?

    I would like it in an easy to read .html file or something like a real convo

  2. rbasusparky

    rbasusparky Well-Known Member

    Mike, use an app like SMS Backup & Restore (Ritesh Sahu)


    Here is the link to the instructions for viewing your SMS backup on the PC ...

    How to view or edit the SMS and Call Logs backup files on a computer - Android Stuff

    To be able to view the files on a computer, the first thing to do is to make sure that the preferences for “Add XSL Tag” and “Add Readable Date” in the Preferences of the app are checked before making a backup (Launch the app, Menu->Preferences, scroll down to Others, Check "Add Readable Date" setting; "Set Readable Date Format" setting (e.g. Full; also Short, Medium, Long, etc.) and make sure "Add XSL Tag" setting is also checked!)

    Copy the backup file to a folder on the computer.
    Download (right click on the link and select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As” or equivalent on your browser) the SMS.xsl (SMS Backup & Restore) or Calls.xsl (for Call Logs Backup & Restore) file and store it in the same folder as the xml file.
    Open the xml file in the browser. The browser will now display it in a friendly HTML format.

    There are also instructions in the link to display the messages in a threaded view ...
  3. Mike.Adams

    Mike.Adams Member

    that works wonders, just all the txts are out of order ;/
  4. rbasusparky

    rbasusparky Well-Known Member

    Which 'Readable Date Format' did you use? A friend of mine has backed up and viewed her text messages through the XML browser and said that it worked great for her, date and all. I haven't viewed them through an XML browser myself, but I have restored backed up messages (200+) on my phone after a factory data reset and did not notice any issues or discrepancies. You might want to check with the developer about it on the developer's website.
  5. Mike.Adams

    Mike.Adams Member

    Right now I think it's set to default but I randomly selected one. What format was she using?
  6. rbasusparky

    rbasusparky Well-Known Member

    I set mine to "Full" and I told her to do the same as well.
  7. Mike.Adams

    Mike.Adams Member

    something must be messed up changed to full did a backup and still not organized right. ;/

    im on droid 2 using 2.2 if that means anything
  8. rbasusparky

    rbasusparky Well-Known Member

    On the developer's website, under "Known Problems/Issues" is this point:

    "Recent firmware update of the Motorola Droid X (and possibly other Driod phones) seems to have created an issue where the Date on the restored messages appears to be the restore date rather than the actual date of the message. This issue is currently unresolved."

    You might want to check with him whether for Droid phones, the actual date is still being stored properly on the backed up files or not, otherwise an issue will occur as well when viewing the backed up messages on an XML browser.

    You might want to try SMS Backup+ (Jan Berkel)


    However, there is a warning as well on the app description:

    "DROID X/2 users: due to a firmware bug (timezones) incoming messages might not be backed up. Complain to Motorola, don't blame this app!"
  9. Mike.Adams

    Mike.Adams Member

    i was told handcent might fix the problem ill try that...

    how hard is it to update firmware or where would i find such an update?
  10. Mike.Adams

    Mike.Adams Member

    handcent infact did fix the problem

    EDIT: past msgs are still all out of order but from this point out they show fine...
  11. Gingernut49

    Gingernut49 New Member

    Oh dear - I cannot find the file on my SD card when the Viewpad is linked to my PC. It says it's stored in /mnt/sdcard/SMSBackupRestore/ so I presume I'm looking on my SD card, which is my 'Removable disk (M:)'. I'm used to moving songs etc but I can't find that file location at all.
    I've tried emailing the file to myself and the html file won't open, it's just a blank screen.
    Sorry to be such a twerp but I have 60+ texts from my soon to be ex-husband that I need to show as evidence and they're clogging up my device.

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