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Savor The Moment or Be Saved By Your Hero?

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  1. GeniusInTraining

    GeniusInTraining New Member

    So I'm pretty much confused. The Hero looks absolutely gorgeous but the Moment packs that amazing 800 Mhz processor along with a slide out QWERTY keyboard. Suggestions.....

  2. sleepyEDB

    sleepyEDB Well-Known Member

    The Moment is set to release on November 1st. If you get a Hero now, you can use it for a few weeks and return it just in time to get a Moment if you so choose. Seems like the best of both worlds to me!

  3. Edaze55

    Edaze55 Well-Known Member

    This is what I would do. Though, I honestly cant see giving up my Hero. Theres no way I could go to a regular Android after having Sense. Im still busy trying to figure everything out and Ive had my phone for almost 12 hours now.
  4. MrMattux

    MrMattux Well-Known Member

    That 800 Mhz does seem like a tantalizing feature.
  5. g0tr00t

    g0tr00t Well-Known Member

    I just came form a BB Tour and HTC Touch Pro. I can say i LOVE the physical keyboards....but.....big BUT...

    I really like not having a keyboard. For me, the size of the hero is perfect. The pants that I wear have a change pocket, that believe it or not, the Hero slips right into.

    Any thicker (Moment) or wider (Tour) its a no fit. I also like the onscreen keyboard.

    Now if they port Sense UI over to the Moment...whoo....I might need to use the front pockets :p
  6. Polymira

    Polymira Well-Known Member

    I'm looking forward for the first Moment reviews to hit the net ... I doubt anyone even has review units @ this point considering no one has put up their 1st look info or photos. (this isn't normal for a big phone release that's this close...)...

    I already purchased the Hero on Monday this week, but if the moment fares well with reviews, I may think about trading in. SenseUI isn't a dealbreaker for me... What MIGHT be though is if it's too thick, too "plasticy", OR if the touch sensetive home, back, and menu buttons dont work well. ... the buttons you use more then the keyboard.
  7. *JonnyB*

    *JonnyB* Well-Known Member

    Get the Hero dude

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