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  1. xemogummiebear

    xemogummiebear New Member

    So I have a ZTE score. I plugged it in to let it charge. I wouldn't. I switched chargers to see if that was the problem. It seemed to be. I left it on the other charger. An hour later, it said it had only charged 21%. I turned it off to see if it would charge better, but when I turned it on it went to 16%. I tried this once more. I and currently at 4%. I just got this phone a week ago because my other ZTE Score's charger port broke. I need help. Any ideas?

  2. housekat117

    housekat117 Member

    My finacee is having the same problem. His phone is off and will only charge to 2%
  3. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member

    This is a ZTE Score or Score M from Metro:confused:
  4. dgo700

    dgo700 Active Member

    all u gotta do is intall a new rom

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