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  1. oblivionis

    oblivionis Member

    I purchased a Wintec 64GB SDXC card for my wife's Thrive but it does not show up when I insert it in the tablet. When I put it in my PC it says it needs to be formated but shows the size to be formated as 28.3 GB. What should I do? Format it? What file system?

  2. oblivionis

    oblivionis Member

    Nobody has an answer to this? Who can I contact? Toshiba support?
  3. bluesman09

    bluesman09 New Member

    Try formatting it to FAT,FAT32, or extFAT.
  4. oblivionis

    oblivionis Member

    OK, when I get home later today I'll try formating it to extFAT since that file system was designed for flash drives. If that doesn't work, I'll format it to FAT.
  5. oblivionis

    oblivionis Member

    So I tried formating to extFAT but that failed. I then formated to FAT32 and it went through but the size only shows 28.3 GB.
  6. racer12306

    racer12306 Well-Known Member

    Is your computer capable of reading SDXC?

    I understand that older card readers may not be able to recognize the full capacity of a very large SD card.
  7. oblivionis

    oblivionis Member

    The laptop is about 5 years old. I guess I can try using a different computer.
  8. oblivionis

    oblivionis Member

    I inserted the card in my desktop and tried formating it. It now showed the size as 60.3 GB and only an option for formating as exFAT. When I submited the format it failed though. I proceeded to download and install a Microsoft update for exFAT. After that I was able to format the card as exFAT and the size now shows 60.3 GB.

    So after all that I finally got the card working properly. Thanks everyone for the help.
  9. racer12306

    racer12306 Well-Known Member

    Glad you were able to get it ironed out.

    Some older devices just do not support the larger flash memory cards that are on the market now. Fortunately for you there was a simple update.
  10. maga53

    maga53 Member

    To fix the problem find the answer on i fix mine using their way
  11. misuiki

    misuiki Member

    Yes format the card preferably with clockworkmod. Fat 32 is standard i do however beleve theres a max size you can have on the thrive sd card slot (32gb i beleve) if you are up to it you could try a 32/32 gb partition

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