scaning document with cam and converting to txt or word files

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  1. nudaaa

    nudaaa Member

    is there an app for converting foto's of document to txt or word files?

  2. Tangent

    Tangent Well-Known Member

    A quick Google search reveals that Snapit does what you want.

    by Mocrsoft
    500 downloads, 51 ratings (3.2 avg)

  3. wayrad

    wayrad Well-Known Member

    If you plan to digitize a lot of material, though, I'd suggest a desktop OCR program like Abbyy FineReader.
  4. nudaaa

    nudaaa Member

    i'm living in germany now and the times when you most need to translate something is when you dont have a laptop around
  5. DenverRalphy

    DenverRalphy Well-Known Member

    I use Google Goggles to do that. I've only used it on small items (menus, street signs etc..) so I don't know how well it would work on large documents.
  6. Hi, we are developers of ScanDoc, which allows you to scan a document's image and transform it into digital text. ScanDoc recognizes Chinese, English and 15 other European languages.


    View ScanDoc's video on youtube:
    ScanDoc Document Reader - YouTube

    You could find it on Android Market: (Lite Version) (Paid Version)

    Give a try! ;)

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