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  1. pleec

    pleec New Member

    I have a new Proclaim thru Straighttalk, my first Android & I have been happy with it until now.

    At home it connects to my wifi, but continues to scan for other wifi.
    I just noticed it last night.
    My son has the same phone & it is doing it as well.
    I haven't tried many things to try to fix it, as I am tech deficient :confused:

    Appreciate any help!

  2. Instinct User

    Instinct User Well-Known Member

    Fix it? What's there to fix?
  3. ThatonedudexP

    ThatonedudexP Well-Known Member

    Mine has always done this. I just thought it was normal lol. :)
  4. Instinct User

    Instinct User Well-Known Member

    It is normal

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