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  1. dwh2o13

    dwh2o13 Active Member

    So here is what I'm trying to accomplish:

    I've been trying to create a scene that when accessed will display traffic and then also allow for a quick kill scene option. Can I set up the top 2/3 of the scene so that it launches and displays google maps(traffic) and in the bottom a kill screen rectangle.. I'm very new to tasker and really new to creating scenes. If someone could could help, I would greatly appreciate it..thanks

  2. userloser

    userloser Active Member

    create scene, give it a name, then, in the editor:
    -> long tap (add element) map, choose options (show traffic, initial location), resize as you wish
    -> long tap (add element) button, image or doodle, any will do
    - if button, label it "close" or something
    - if image, pick one (from tasker built ins, icon pack or whatever)
    - draw your own if doodle
    save the scene (so that it shows in selection dialogs), open it again
    press the close button (or image, or doodle) to get to the options dialog, on tap create anonymous task Scene -> Destroy, set the scene name.

    in Tasks, create named task to show scene, as activity

    create shortcut on home screen
  3. dwh2o13

    dwh2o13 Active Member

  4. dwh2o13

    dwh2o13 Active Member

    Here is my problem: When i add the map element and choose traffic, I just get a world do I get the initial location?? I want my local traffic displayed.
  5. userloser

    userloser Active Member

    There is a parameter for initial location and zoom level in the map element, which you can control from a task (task-action-scene-element map).

    You can look up your location before that with your favorite location method.

    See the corresponding sections in the tasker guide for details.
  6. dwh2o13

    dwh2o13 Active Member

    Thanks for helping such a novice.. I am clearly seeing the parameter for zoom, but I do not see the parameter for initial location in the map element.
  7. userloser

    userloser Active Member

    The one above zoom, "Lat,Lon". Set it to some coordinates (or to %LOC from your gps/network location task)

    In a task, you have to use element, map, then choose "move to point" in the options.
  8. dwh2o13

    dwh2o13 Active Member

    Okay, I think I'm getting closer.. I've created the scene, entered the lat/long coordinates, selected show traffic. Also created the destroy scene button.. Then I created a new task with the following: 1. element map control: designated scene name, element is Map1, move to point, coordinates in value option 2. Show Scene: selected scene, display as Activity Full Window, Show exit button and Continue task immediately are both selected.

    I'm getting the scene to display, but the map is not displaying my location. I can manipulate the map after it is displayed and then zoom in, but I was hoping for that to happen immediately.
  9. userloser

    userloser Active Member

    You can either set LAT,LON to some initial value with the editor, or, to lookup your current position, in your launch task, create the scene first (don't show it), then do a misc->get location, set the map coordinates with move to point %LOC and then show scene.
  10. dwh2o13

    dwh2o13 Active Member

    Got It! Thanks so much for your help and patience.
  11. d0g

    d0g Member

    I'm trying to do basically the same thing but it's not working.

    I create a scene with a map "Map1". Lat,Long is blank, Zoom is 10.

    Then I created a Task:
    1. Create Scene
    1. Get Location, source GPS, timeout 10 secs
    2. Element map control > Move To > %LOC
    3. Show Scene

    When I run the task, GPS comes on, then nothing happens.

    What am I missing?

    Also, is it possible to have the map track my location as I drive and keep it centered on my current position?

  12. d0g

    d0g Member

    I added a "Destroy Scene" before the "Create Scene" ... and now it partially works.

    But it still shows the entire earth, it doesn't zoom in.

    I tried adding a Set Element map zoom, and also changing the map element in the scene itself ... but no difference.
  13. userloser

    userloser Active Member

    1. timeout looks way too small. on my nexus4 and 7 cold fix may take as long as a minute, especially in a city. on my sgs before i did a hardware fix for the antenna, i waited for many minutes. most likely 10 seconds isn't long enough. try the default. i leave the timeout at 120 seconds usually.

    2. yes, you have to run the task periodically, either by calling it from a time profile, or by using a label and goto within the task, or by calling it recursively. in the second and he third case you may want to consider a wait period, depending on your usage.

    Incidentally, one of the many navigation apps that use gmaps may be a better choice.
  14. dwh2o13

    dwh2o13 Active Member

    Yes.. I agree. After trying to set up the traffic scene in tasker I never found it to work quite as well as simply using google maps. With root, I'm able to set GPS to toggle on now as soon as I open the app.

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