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  1. bnell

    bnell New Member

    Hi all, Just bought AT&T SCG a couple of weeks ago. From day 1 having wifi connectivity problems. Can't connect at home. Initially thought it was Fios router. Tried everything, reboot, changing router setting etc. Still no go. However, tried wifi at local library & still didn't work. Now I'm running all over town to see if phone picks up wifi. Headed to Starbucks now. Do you think I got a bum phone or is this common Only have 200MB data plan so this is a big issue for me. Anyone else having this problem? Need to decide if I'm keeping it. I like everything else about the phone... HELP PLEASE!!!

  2. taghag

    taghag Well-Known Member

    I wifi with mine all the time, no problem. Maybe you do have a dud phone :(
  3. bnell

    bnell New Member

    Thanks 4 the reply. Just got back from Starbucks. They have ATT hotspot. Still had problems. Found ATT store in the area. The rep changed the SIM & tried to connect. He was getting an error message too. He also thinks it's the phone. Will exchange and post results 4 anyone else who might have a similar problem. The only thing I can think of is the sales person that sold me the phone took the SIM from my very old MotoRazar & put it in the SCG. Everybody says this shouldn't matter but you never know with electronics like this. If anybody is going to buy a new smartphone, my advice is have them transfer your numbers and put in a new SIM.
  4. euro1990

    euro1990 Active Member

    SIM shouldn't matter, but you never know. I've had my phone nearly 2 months, no wifi problems. I occasionally have to turn my phone wifi off and on while at home (stays connected, but no data transfers), but that could possibly be an issue with my router.

    I did have to swap my phone once due to freeze-up issues, so I'm not surprised about the possibility of a bad handset. Swap it out. My new one has had zero freezing issues.

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