Scheduled Charging for Android Phone

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  1. eee.rakesh

    eee.rakesh New Member

    Need and Android Application that has to charge my phone only on Pre- enabled scheduled times even my charged plug-id in.

    Suppose I enable the scheduled as morning 4.30 AM to 7AM my phone will be at almost 100% charge, so that i can use my phone for the entire-day and put my charger plug-in in the night while i am sleeping and my phone will charge only on the particular period so that i can`t be overcharged.

  2. redcrab

    redcrab Member

    Strange question ... I don't know if it's possible to manage programmaticaly the fact that charging may be allowed or not ...

    My droid seems to stop automaticaly charging when it's full ... so there is no overcharging I guess....with a nice 100% notification and a short tune...

    What is the brand model that allows overcharging ?

    May be I'm wrong ... hope that somebody else could answer/help to this question I'm also interested...
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  3. eee.rakesh

    eee.rakesh New Member

    The problem is not with overcharging, It is to save may battery life while using for the day hours (Morning 7Am to Night 9PM)
  4. cmh0114

    cmh0114 Well-Known Member

    So... restricting your phone's charging during the night will save battery life during the day?
    I could see using an app to save power (e.g. turn down screen brightness and kill unused processes), but I don't think an app to stop your phone from charging at certain times would save power.
  5. eee.rakesh

    eee.rakesh New Member

    My meaning of overcharging means (the phone will have internal safety circuit for cutout), but you won`t get sufficient backup from battery in long time. means you get discharged just a 12 hrs due to prolonged charging.
    Finally I have brought an electronic timer and fixed to my wall socket and i plugged my charger to it and happy with scheduled charging.

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