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Scheduled lock timer wanted.

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  1. blulite127

    blulite127 Well-Known Member

    Hi to all the devs here at the forums, i have a very specific yet basic (hopefully) request. Im looking for an app that i can use to lock down a phone on specific times of the day to stop it being used. Im looking for these features:

    Remote lock/unlock
    Scheduled time delay lock
    Integrated calendar schedule. (To allow extra unlock time on say national/school holidays)
    Remote setup/calendar control.

    What i want to do is lock the phone down (even after a reboot) between school hours and bed time hours. as it locks the phone i would like it to either block all calls/txts/emails etc. Or out the phone in silent/airplane mode akd only allow the phone to ring when called by pre selected numbers.

    I need to have full remote control over the features to be able to update schedules via txt or a specific control app... Which would be better as i could set up/alter schedules using my own phone with a gui style control as opposed to having a whole lost of commands to remember.

    For now though a basic daily timenlock would suffice.

    As i do not have the necessary programming skills id gladly donate some time to help with testing amd production, even if it means me learning to programme on the way. Might even cough up some financial support to the dev if they can produce what it is im looking for.

    Thanks guys. Hope to hear from you soon.


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  2. Nokoko

    Nokoko Well-Known Member

  3. blulite127

    blulite127 Well-Known Member

    Thanks ill take a look, i have however noticed that with a lot of taskers, they will locl the use of apps but still allow phone calls txt and various other apps.

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  4. blulite127

    blulite127 Well-Known Member

    Tasker is way to complicated and can be seen running by the phones user. I just want a basic complete scheduled lockdown.

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  5. brettins

    brettins New Member

    How extensive of a lockdown are you looking for here? Something simple like changing the lock screen to an admin password during certain times?
  6. blulite127

    blulite127 Well-Known Member

    Yes, basically all i want atm is the phone to lock and unlock automatically at my specified times of day on the days i want it.

    Having calendar integration would be great but not necessary atm would be great for the future though.
    Heres the story: i bought my daughter a phone contract. To avoid her mum (my psycho ex) wasting my daughters allowance making her own calls (believe me she will). I want the phone to lock down when my daughters at school and in bed.

    The app and the lock would need to be password protected. But fully automatic as i obv dont live in the same home as my daughter.

    If you have skype you can add me for a chat: blulite130. Just be sure to state where uou got my addy from and ill accept your request.

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  7. sovereign313

    sovereign313 Member


    I think the biggest challenge here, is keeping that app from getting uninstalled. Maybe it's unlocked and your daughter goes to the bathroom or hops in the shower... mom grabs the unlocked phone, finds the app, drags to uninstall, yep, yep... bang. Now it's free reign during lock times. The only solution I can see to this would be having access to the underlying OS and write a program that runs beneath/behind dalvik (the android interface). Then I suppose that could check to verify that the app is still installed, and if not put the apk back where it belongs. I imagine this would require rooting the phone. The alternative I guess, would be to have you login to the Google account associated with the phone every day, and make sure the app is installed, and if not, install it from the web (Google Play).

    The app itself would need to have it's configuration stored remotely, since when you uninstall an app, it usually removes any of the files that the app has configured. Also, there would need to be a way to make the app auto-start on installation. Not sure about all that.

    If you want just a simple timed lock screen, then that's easy enough, but psychos are notorious for finding ways around things...
  8. blulite127

    blulite127 Well-Known Member

    I can stop the app being uninstalled with some patental control or some sort of app locker :) it i have an app that will lock down the phone at set timea i will use another to lock down uninstalling apps.

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  9. blulite127

    blulite127 Well-Known Member

    Well... In the mean time i can.

    It would be extremely usefull not only for me but also for parents around the globe who would like to stop their children (or even businesses for their employees) using their phones outside of specific hours, that they can set remotely and stealthily without it being uninstalled etc..

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