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  1. NickDoughty

    NickDoughty Member

    Hi I am trying to set up my school email account on the email application. I tried using the imap and the pop3 but they both are not able to do it. If anyone could point me in the right dirextion I would appreciate it.


  2. screwthe49ers

    screwthe49ers Active Member

    Do you have the G1 w/ Tmobile or a diff phone w/ another carrier? If so, you will probly have to download one of the 2 Exchange email apps from the market. I believe they're $19.99 each. If interested, I would encourage you to root your phone and flash the phone to Rogers rom, it has Exchange support included. If you're decently handy with computers, like if there are issues/problems, not just "I can create a powerpoint presentation!", definitely go for it.
  3. NickDoughty

    NickDoughty Member

    I have the G1 with tmobile in the usa. Is it possible without rooting?
  4. NickDoughty

    NickDoughty Member

    Email@domain and my password. You can change the stuff like ports and what not but idk what to put in there or if I even have to
  5. NickDoughty

    NickDoughty Member

    ok by the way my school uses gmail for their email so when I log on to my school email on the computer it looks just like if I were to log on to my gmail account. Does the gmail account allow you to have more than one gmail acct? Or does anyone know the settings with this info?
  6. NickDoughty

    NickDoughty Member

    Nevermind guys got it figured out went to imap on the server and found all the settings

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