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  1. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    From the rumors going on,Samsung galaxy 3 and 5 are not going to get gingerbread update.Gingerbread has more better power management.
    Now Galaxy 551 is a just a galaxy 5 + keyboard with a bigger screen.
    And since due to less popularity with developers,there arent any custom mods either.(HTC phones are way too good)
    Samsung has a knack of providing new better phones while forgetting any phones more than 3 months old.
    LG Optimus One on the other hand is getting a 2.3 update.
    So do you guys think 551 has a chance :confused:

  2. Shwut-

    Shwut- Member

    I hope so! D: But sadly you're right, it is not very popular among developers.
  3. mll

    mll Well-Known Member

    Hope so, too. But I found no custom rom as for now. There is one attempt in progress at XDA though...

    A reason why this phone is not popular amongst developpers might be that it's slow, and has a very poor autonomy, making it look like a deal to android newbies (like me) alone (and transforming to a big disappointment some weeks later).
  4. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Is that so,I haven't checked XDA in a while.Is it a custom ROM or custom kernel ?
    True ,I thought I had a nice deal on this phone.But that's half of it. Samsung really has a crappy after sales.While the new phones look awesome,nice and cheap ,the old phones are neglected.I was actually gonna buy the optimus one .Ah well ,no point in crying now.But my next phone certainly wont be samsung,
    thoug I may reconsider if I get a 2.3 update.:rolleyes:
  5. mll

    mll Well-Known Member

  6. Shwut-

    Shwut- Member

    Smeh, I've had this phone for over a month now, and it's does what I need it to do. It's not the fastest of the phones like a Samsung Galaxy S II or anything, but it definitely isn't the slowest. I only jumped for this phone because it's the only GSM, Samsung Android type phone, with a QWERTY Keyboard. But lets just say my next Samsung Android phone, won't be decided on whether it has a keyboard or not. ;)
  7. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Try running flv or rmvb .You will know how irritating it can get.Plus lack of flash and locked kernel add to the woes.Of course there are workarounds.But It pains to know that this phone is as capable as cheaper galaxy 5.For the difference between the prices,I could get a wireless keyboard + mouse combo and 500 GB HDD.QWERTY is just a very expensive addon. :mad:.Dont get me wrong it's a capable phone ,it does what it is supposed to.But a cheaper phone also does the same thing.Plus no news of Gingerbread update.:(.
  8. kunaldas

    kunaldas Member

    all the samsung galaxy phones are getting 2.3 update. will we get that???
  9. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Ace/fit/Gio/mini are going to get 2.3 ,we are not most probably,having same hardware specs too. The four phones were released after a month of 551 and samsung has a habit of pleasing new customers first.Galaxy 3/5 users have not yet received their froyo updates .So thats the quality of updates samsung keeps.Ace already has 2.3 in some europe.We have a Very remote chance. probably in December -11.BTW samsung has rejected updates for galaxy 3 and 5
  10. zeus17

    zeus17 Active Member

    well this thread is a few months old

    id like to update now my phone runs on gb 2.3.4
    rooted and is lookin nice..

    loving the phone,,
    since the update \

    here is what ive noticed,,
    been running on stock froyo to stock gb

    wifi cionnects better and so does gps,,
    i get a lock in gps 2mins..
    faster response thou i did a couple o tweaks
    removed some stock apps like gmail app(used the email app)
    removed the samsung app,
    removed write and go

    no its faster
    but the boot is a little bit slower..
    but once booted it works nice...
    down side is the battery,,,
    it barely last me a day..
    been surfing over wifi for 2 hours
    a couple of text and calls

    hopefull the enigma team comes up a a rom taht provides good speed and a battery life taht will last up to a day and a half,,

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