Scottys noob friendly root guide-start to finish

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  1. dassh

    dassh Member

    Yes, you can flash the latest. The easiest way I think, is Scotty's suggestion of temp booting the recovery and flashing the rom that way. The instructions are laid out very well by Scotty in the thread "How to flash a rom manually". I flashed Nilsp's lastest 4.1 this way and it auto flashes the kernel for you so you don't need to mess with that. Like me, you will also need to flash the old firmware patch. Flash the patch right after the rom finishes before rebooting. Once you flashed the rom, the patch and any "extras" you desire, reboot, and finish following Nilsp's instructions.

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  2. dassh

    dassh Member

    you will need to flash the latest kernel in Nilsp's thread (in the 3d post I believe) if you do not follow the instructions to temp boot your recovery.
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  3. jlipps

    jlipps Active Member

    I am at the same stage as icedice and am confused about latest ROMs....Is any one using one worth upgrading to? I could try s-off if necessary but prefer not to. Thanks for any feedback.
  4. dassh

    dassh Member

    You do not need to S-off. you can if you choose to but it is not necessary for flashing a rom. I am still running Nils' business ICS 4.1, but he has some newer ones out which are supposed to be good also. They are based on the latest leak. I think his lastest is Business ICS 5.2. I intend to flash it when I have a chance but I've just been to busy to try it yet. All the reviews I've seen have been very positive. Scott's Cleanrom Developer's Edition is great if you want a de-sensed rom. There are other roms, but I have only tried the ones from these 2 developers so far and I am very happy with both roms.
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  5. jlipps

    jlipps Active Member

    thanks Dassh....I have been reading about Nils Business 5.2 but saw some comment about bluetooth not yet working....i will keep checking back here to see what ICS roms people are recommending - but I have been loving the stablitly of my current GB rom, Nils Business Sense so will wait to make a change until otherwise convinced....thanks again
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  6. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    where did you read that? bluetooth has worked fine for me on all versions of business sense. 5.2 is based on the newest leak,wich will liekly be the OTA... there is not any functionality missing that i know of. :)
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  7. SinCitySRT4

    SinCitySRT4 Member

    I just want to say thank you for the great write up. I received my Rezound yesterday and with your easy to follow instructions i had it rooted in no time. I'm more of a staying stock person so I wanted to root to remove all the bloat so now everything is all good. Again thank you for the great instructions.
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  8. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    awsome! im glad it was helpful :)
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  9. jlipps

    jlipps Active Member

    Scotty sorry for delayed response about bluetooth not working on business sense 5.2...I am not even sure where I saw it....doesn't matter though, after the help help you have given me in this thread I trust your word. And I have been very pleased with nils business gingersense but i am wanting to upgrade to something better...any suggestions? do you like business sense 5.2 enough for every day use?
  10. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    i havent run 5.2 yet,im currently running conroms "desensed" version,but i intend to,prolly in the next few days. its one of my favorite sense roms,with the back flip clock and darkish theme. its now up to version 5.4. all versions ive run have been stable,and im sure youll have no prollems running it daily.

    also newts sense for rom has a new version out,i need to give that one a shot,too ;)
  11. icedice34

    icedice34 Well-Known Member

    So I'm running an older version of business sense and the old firmware patch. If I want to take the ota, what is the best steps? Do I need to run the ruu, then take its? Thanks
  12. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    hmm,for the s-on crowd,you can relock and run the ruu,or you can restore a stock backup,if you have one. if youve permanently flashed a recovery,youll need to falsh the stock one back.

    you dont need to be locked(or rather relocked) to accept the OTA,just running a stock rom.

    if you dont have any backups to restore,you could also run the "mini-ruu" listed in the 2nd post,to restore stock system,recovery,and boot.

    the s-off crowd should just run the ruu. the OTA wont be any different that what the ruu will give you,its not really worth the efforts IMO to take it.

    s-on folks do certainly have the option to run the ruu as well,but it casues security warnings and a tampered warning,plus it may have to be run 2-3 times. :eek: in short,it can be a lil scary on an s-on phone ;)
  13. DavidInLA

    DavidInLA Member

    I bricked my phone. =(

    I was up to step 3, superuser. I went to recovery and clicked the power button and now my phone is black and the red triangle of death is on the screen.

    what now? please help!

    forget it. i pulled the battery out and it came back. but how do i get back to step 3 where i can make a backup of the stock rom and initiate superuser?

    forget it, next stupid question i will answer myself, is it a nand back up i am doing and should i just accept the default X's?

    i feel like i'm just thinking out load. but at least i am learning on my own. thanks for the write up. i am currently performing a back up and then it is on to the superuser zip.
  14. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    lol,red triangle of death? :eek:

    that is simply the stock recovery,and no way means you are bricked. you will get that if you did not permanently install recovery when selecting "recovery" in the hboot menu.

    if you wish to use a temporary recovery,you must fastboot boot it whenever you use it. this is a good habit to get into,IMO(even if you want to keep a permanent recovery also),as most roms are now set up for the s-off crown to flash,and launching recovery in this manner lets reovery install the kernel for you. fastboot booting recovery will make your life alot easier when flashing new roms and restoring backups,since you wont need a seperate kernel install.

    glad you are moving right along. rest assured,it is nearly impossible to hard brick an s-on phone. :)
  15. DavidInLA

    DavidInLA Member

    Yes, I am fully rooted now and all thanks to you. Its one thing to share information but you seriously held our hand on the way. Thanks a lot man! My bloatware is frozen and I am on to my next endeavor, trying to find a way to get my mobile hotspot to work without dropping so darn much.....
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  16. beastinbolts

    beastinbolts Well-Known Member

    ok I got through putting amon_ra on my phone and started the process to get S-OFF. ---HANSONS S-OFF tool kit----- well in that process I lost my recovery and rom.. I am on the bootloader screen with nothing... I realize this is fixable but not sure how to put a new recovery on my phone being that I cant boot my phone up normally... using the method in this thread requires that you phone be booted up before you take over through ADB.... ??????
  17. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    i assume from the other thread that this is no longer an issue.

    if you dont mind,pleas go thru and post your fix on all the threads/posts youve made asking for help... the information may be helpful to someone in the future :)
  18. bsutton1

    bsutton1 Well-Known Member

    Can somebody tell me how to get the latest ICS leak onto the Rezound?
  19. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    i personally would wait until the newest leak is offically the OTA and being pushed to phones. you cannot go backwards in firmware while s-on,so installing leaks that may potentially give you a worse user esperince is not something id reccomend.

    if you want a taste of ICS,you can simply install an ICS custom rom. there are fimrware patches to make ICS roms work with your GB firmware. this is much safer,and lets you easily go back to a GB backup if you do not like the ICS rom.
  20. icedice34

    icedice34 Well-Known Member

    So here is my next question. I found a nandroid backup of the stock rom. If I go back to stock, then take the OTA. Can I then re load a nandroid of my current Rom version? Just wanting to avoid having to re-set up everything. Thanks!
  21. SinCitySRT4

    SinCitySRT4 Member

    Quick question. I want to try out cleanrom 4.5 but I'm wondering if I make a backup of my s-on stock rooted gingerbread rom would I be able to just restore my backup if I want to go back to gingerbread? I ask because I seen a post on xda that said something about not being able to go back to gingerbread once you flash an ICS rom. I might have misunderstood the post but I just want to make sure before I flash the rom.
  22. scsnospam

    scsnospam New Member

    scotty, thanks. I followed your guide here.
    1. I've got the ICS leak (latest) on my rezound.
    2. When I try to get root, I installed the Superuser file you mentioned, then installed/updated superuser from market, and SU from market etc. However, I can't get root, since wifi tether, su and others comlain.
    3. I booted into recovery, into developer options, and installed super user from there. No change.

    Now what?

  23. SinCitySRT4

    SinCitySRT4 Member

    Lol I just got my answer from the quoted post above can't believe I missed that.
  24. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    you will prolly have to restore the backup,then reflash the rom.

    dont forget your backup consists of the changes needed to run on old firmware.

    -restore the backup,
    -wipe cache and dalvik cache
    -reflash rom

    flashing without the data wipe should flash the rom set up for new firmware,without losing any apps or setup. if you have wierd glitches,FCs or other issues,be prepaired to do a full wipe and see if that fixes them.

    yes,as long as you stay on old firmware,you can restore your GB backup with no prollem

    superuser 3.0.7 does not work on ICS.

    for ICS use this one: [21.06.2012] SuperSU v0.92 - xda-developers

    scroll down past all the other links and download the attachment. current version is

    ignore the warnings that you need to be rooted :eek: just wipe cache,dalvik and flash it in recovery

    NEXTLOVER Active Member

    Hi scotty (or anyone else that can answer): I want to replace the old AmonRa (recovery-ra-vigor-3.14-gnm.img) to the new one (recovery-ra-vigor-3.15-gnm.img) via temporary recovery. Is it okay to just go ahead & flash it? Actually, should I even "upgrade" to the newer version?

    Just asking a severely noob question so I won't be unhappy in the future ;p & to prepare myself for my very first rom flash ever, which will be coming this week :D

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