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  1. smsungal

    smsungal Well-Known Member

    I have the Scrabble app and love this game. Is there a way to play against PC rather than a random player? My iPad scrabble app had this option, but I can't seem to find it in SGP 4.

    Happy Halloween! :D

  2. Kootenanny

    Kootenanny New Member

    I am looking for exactly the same thing.

    My elderly M-I-L always plays Scrabble on my iPad when she visits, and now she wants a tablet of her own to play this (and other word games). I have the EA version of Scrabble on both my iPad and my Galaxy, but the Android version on the Galaxy doesn't allow me to play against the device the way the Apple app does.

    I downloaded a "Scrabble" app from the Samsung App store, but it seems to be a POS compared to the EA game.

    Any advice out there?
  3. repoman123

    repoman123 Member

    Sorry to bump this thread, I've been searching for the same thing exactly.

    Really wish the android version of scrabble would allow you to play the computer.

    If anyone can shed any good news on this please do.
    smsungal likes this.

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