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  1. lonesomefolly

    lonesomefolly Active Member

    Hey, I got my motorola milestone just yesterday and I'm pretty damn happy with it. One thing though, the screen won't automatically flip horizontally when I tilt it. It does when I open the keyboard though. I could swear sometimes it did flip on its own, so I'm not sure if it was just my imagination or what. Any advise?

    I'm able to play abduction without any problems, so I'm sure it isn't a hardware thing.

  2. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Well-Known Member

    Mine is not a Milestone, but try this:

    Settings -> Sound&Display -> Orientation: set a check mark

    This should tilt the display whenever the device is laid on its left side, or stood upright again. If it doesn't, there's a problem with (possibly just the firmware of) your device. If you don't have that setting, wait and see what somebody else has to say.
  3. lonesomefolly

    lonesomefolly Active Member

    Thanks for replying so fast! This is seriously weird. I did look where you said and while not having that option I had an automatic flip one, and it was unchecked. So after checking it back on, I went to the main screen and nothing. So I went back to the settings, puzzled. When I absentmindedly turned the phone around and it the screen tilted perfectly! But when going out of the screen, it won't turn!
  4. lonesomefolly

    lonesomefolly Active Member

    found this on the web:

    Why won't my home screen switch to landscape mode when rotated?
    Most people who got the Droid when it was released were able to get it to rotate for a short while, then stopped. However, a Motorola representative has stated that this is how it's supposed to work.

    Well that makes no effing sense.
  5. lonesomefolly

    lonesomefolly Active Member

    I've managed to work around motorola's design by installing GDE Home and enabling the function.

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