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Screen Black, blue notification flashingSupport

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  1. DPCardoza

    DPCardoza Member

    I've got a new Galaxy Note 2 that is about 15 days old. So far I've had no problems. Today I went to use it and the screen was black and the blue notification light was flashing. I tried holding the power button but it wouldn't do anything. I didn't attempt a factory reset because I didn't want to lose data. I removed the battery and re-installed and everything works as it should. Is this something I should be concerned about? I searched the forum and only found one where the notification light was red so I'm not sure of the significance.

  2. rivera02

    rivera02 Well-Known Member

    This actually happened to me yesterday i locked my phone and when i tried to turn the screen back on nothing happened. I had an unread text so the notification light was blinking but the screen just wouldn't turn on. I left it alone for maybe five minutes then tried it again and it worked but it had closed all of my running apps. I'm guessing all that happened was i had an app crash that froze the phone or maybe the launcher and it just took some time to reset.
  3. DPCardoza

    DPCardoza Member

    Did it again today. Its been sitting a while and no go. Think its time to make a trip to bestbuy.

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