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Screen black, difficult to restartSupport

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  1. erwinhofman

    erwinhofman New Member

    The short story: My Desire S screen sometimes does not turn on anymore (while the phone is still turned on). Turning it on again only works after trying often and after that my phone is reset.

    The long story: For some time now my Desire S screen suddenly turns black sometimes. When the phone is in standby (I mean, screen turned off) and I want to turn the screen on again using the power button, only the four button lights turn on, the screen remains black. This sometimes happens after the screen is turned off for a couple of seconds, or sometimes I see it after I wake up in the morning and the phone has been charging the whole night.

    When I turn off the phone (by removing the battery) and turn it on again, it is turned on (I hear the welcome sound) but the screen is still black. Trying to reach the recovery screen (vol down + power button) is difficult, sometimes I need to try 10 times before that screen really pops up. But in the end, it can be reached so the screen is actually still working.

    I tried the 'recovery' function. This will start but soon (after a couple of seconds) an icon appears: an image of a phone with a warning sign. The icon just stays in there and nothing happens anymore. When I after that turn off the phone again (removing the battery) and turn it on normally, the phone is working fine. Except, the phone has been reset so I need to re-install apps, re-arrange the home screen, etc.

    For one time it would be no problem, but now it is happening almost three times a week. Inbetween these incidents the phone works perfectly normal. What can I do?

    My phone details: I am sorry I don't know which details about my phone are relevant, but maybe these are:

    • Model HTC Desire S S510e
    • Android version 2.3.5
    • HTC Sense version 3.0

  2. erwinhofman

    erwinhofman New Member

    Today it happened again. One moment I use my phone, a couple of minutes later I take it again and pushing the power button only results in the four soft buttons lighting up, the screen remains black.

    Now however I can also not start the recovery screen anymore. Trying to turn on the phone (after removing and replacing the battery) works sometimes (but with black screen), but volume down + power button does not do anything at all.

    Anyone has an idea?

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