Screen blanks out during calls & VMSupport

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  1. Rickna

    Rickna Member

    My EVO Design 4G screen blanks out during calls and listening to voice mails. This started happening a week ago. I've gone through all the settings, I even installed an app called "Screen On'. Didn't help. Also removed the cover, no difference. I do have a screen protector, how ever it's been on much longer than when the problem started. Web searches say it's the proximity sensor. I am in the process of doing a complete back up and then a factory reset, but the reset is a last resort. Any ideas are much appreciated.

  2. grad061980

    grad061980 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like screen lift is messing with your proximity sensor. I have the same problem. Try this. Grab the upper left corner of your phone & squeeze the screen with your thumb (front) & finger (back) & try a phone call. Screen should work like normal when you apply pressure to the screen with it going black bringing the phone to your face & come back on when you pull the phone away from your face. It should not work when the pressure is let off. If that is indeed your issue there are only 2 solutions. 1) disassemble the phone yourself & replace the touch panel or 2) the preferred method, call htc & turn your phone over to them to fix.
  3. Rickna

    Rickna Member

    Thanks for the tips. Holding the phone on upper left didn't work. Now I have an additional problem VM isn't working.I have to see if I can get my old phone reactivated, before I send the HTC in for repair. It's a medical necessity for the time being. Do you think a factory reset might work?
  4. grad061980

    grad061980 Well-Known Member

    Not sure if the reset will work. Try it. You got backups?
  5. Topgonzo

    Topgonzo Member

    If you may have to return the phone anyways I would explore all options before returning it including a factory reset
  6. patsfann

    patsfann Well-Known Member

    i have the same problems , spoke to boost & they are aware of (vm) & said they would send out a mess. when fixed ....they also told me to contact htc for warrenty ! wish they had done their homework on this phone b4 releasing it !!!!! NOT HAPPY WITH THE UPGRADE , unfortunatly i gave my PREVAIL (rooted) away !!! for any1 who wants factory reset code ....its ##25327#.....

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