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Screen Brightness Changing with Certain Apps (Browse All)

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  1. wxjeremy

    wxjeremy Active Member This Topic's Starter

    Dec 14, 2009
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    Tried searching and didn't find anything relating to this. I just got my Moto Droid yesterday (and love it so much better than the Eris, BTW). One of the things I initially did was turn off auto-brightness and turned it down to about 30%. One thing I'm noticing is when I open certain apps (browser, Twidroid, Facebook) the brightness automatically goes up a little. I tried searching through settings on the phone and the apps and can't find any way to disable this.
    Does anyone else have this happen too? Its not a big deal but out of the 3 android phones I've owned (mytouch, eris) this is a first for me.


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