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Screen broken, Need to access contactsSupport

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  1. Xenosaiga

    Xenosaiga New Member

    My father recently dropped his phone and the screen cracked.
    He has an HTC Wildfire S
    Nothing has been done to it so far.
    Computer does not recognize it.
    Need a way to get contacts.
    Touch Screen is unresponsive on the lower half of the screen.
    Can't unlock it from its unlock screen.

    Any way to get in phone to get contacts back will be helpful.

    Phone is trashed one way or another. Replacing it as soon as possible. Just getting the contacts back would make his (and my) day.

    Has contacts that he has no other way of getting in contact with other than his phone.

    Broken/Unresponsive touch screen
    HTC Wildfire S
    Computer doesn't recognize when connected
    Carrier: T-Mobile

  2. Caro332

    Caro332 Well-Known Member

    If his phone was synced with google, all his contacts would show in his gmail account. Otherwise, has he ever backed up his contacts on the SD card? If so, I guess you can use a card reader and extract the contacts from the SD card.
  3. Xenosaiga

    Xenosaiga New Member

    Never been synced, no sd card. Was just used for communication purposes only. Talk only. Never used for texting.

    can replace screen if last resort. Was looking for a way to not have to spend any money. will wait a day or two before i order a new touch screen/digitizer for him..
  4. Caro332

    Caro332 Well-Known Member

    Sorry bro I don't know any other way...Maybe someone with experience in this area might be able to help you
    Xenosaiga likes this.
  5. Xenosaiga

    Xenosaiga New Member

    Well thanks for trying. The effort was appreciated

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