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  1. verngator

    verngator Well-Known Member

    So far the daughter is happy with her Replenish. As an EVO owner helping her to customize and troubleshoot there are two things I can't figure out.

    1. I can't get to a digitizer screen to re-calibrate as I can for my EVO and the spouse's Epic. It's just not under the same options, and I can't seem to find an app for it in the Market. Her screen needs it badly.

    2 Her Cell Standby time is very least compared with mine. I don't talk on mine much - more data and texting than anything, and it's the same for hers. My Cell Standby is at 7%, her is at 70%. I did make sure that she has the latest PRL, but I wanted to verify that network settings pointed to CDMA PRL and not GSM....that's something that can happen with other phones. On my EVO I downloaded Mangelow's excellent Network app, but it's not available in the Market for the Replenish. I tried a code that I've seen others post here (can't remember it off hand, but it was lots of * # before and after the number 4636). That code doesn't work on the Replenish.

    Any ideas?

  2. philbert1998

    philbert1998 Member

    The screen is what it is.Some complaints about it are that it appears jagged or pixelated.My self I don't have a problem with it.There is no adjustment for it.Sorry.Enjoy it as is.It's a great phone.
  3. verngator

    verngator Well-Known Member

    It's not the appearance of the screen - the problem is with the digitizer calibration. When you touch the screen, it doesn't register the spot where you are touching. So when you select an item (like an Install or Open button in the Market) the screen thinks you are touching elsewhere, so the item is not selected. This becomes a big problem on the lock screen - sometimes it takes 10 tries to unlock the screen with the screen button, no matter how carefully the green unlock is selected...and half the time the phone thinks that the other one is being selected.

    For the price I am not complaining about the visual quality of the screen. I'm just saying that there appears to be no way to calibrate or re-set the digitizer. This is the fourth Android for our family and it's the first one without that option in the Settings menu, regardless of Android version.

    I suspect that it's available but hidden. It would be awesome if there were a Market app to reach that hidden menu.
  4. philbert1998

    philbert1998 Member

    OK,I understand the problem now.I can't find any setting on my Replenish to calibrate the screen.I Googled the problem but with no results for screen settings.The only solution I found was to replace the touch screen.If the phone was like that since purchase I'd take it back for replacement.:(

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