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  1. When u screen capture on the 10.1 it instantly brings up the option to use the s pen to draw all over the image. What program/app is it and how do I open my pics on my 10.1 to do the same. It's not photo shop cos I tried it

  2. jonrud

    jonrud Well-Known Member

    If you have jelly bean it will be Paper Artist.
  3. Nup JB not here in Australia yet
  4. annebrooks64

    annebrooks64 Well-Known Member

    S note. You can edit any of your own pics by opening it, picking a template then change background.
  5. RonJohnson4164

    RonJohnson4164 Active Member

    More thorough explantation: Open S Note, choose Template, and background. At the top right there is a box with what looks like hills in it, click it. When menu appears, choose image, select gallery & find your screen capture. Tip: if you already wrote on it, look in capture edited.
  6. thanks for the comments guys...i know i can use S note but i want to know what it is using to edit the screencapture.

    edit also using the S note to do this in landscape mode is crap that why i dont want to use s note

  7. nope, no box with running ICS no JB in australia yet
  8. RonJohnson4164

    RonJohnson4164 Active Member

    I'm on ICS too. It's there. Open a note and look at the tool bar on the top right (not the absolute top), you will see options (icons) and one of them looks like a little box with what looks like hills and has a +sign in it. The plus sign icon means you can add something. Click on it to add your screen shot which will be in the gallery. It's next to the microphone icon.
    Alternatively, you can go into gallery , select the screenshot and just share it with S Note.
  9. 13ilgal

    13ilgal Well-Known Member

    I just downloaded (for a different reason) Skitch. Not only does it make it very easy to write/draw/annotate images you either have on your device or that you take w/the Note, you can also use the tools on web screen shots and maps. If you have Evernote installed, it will also post your creation as a note for later. I can see this becoming a very useful tool in my arsenal.
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  10. RonJohnson4164

    RonJohnson4164 Active Member

    Nice, but does it have palm rejection?
  11. 13ilgal

    13ilgal Well-Known Member

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