Screen Capture for Non-Root?

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  1. I've searched the forums, and wanted to know about a screen capture program for non-rooted phones. Apparently its impossible to screen capture if your phone is not rooted? I don't feel like rooting, are there any alternatives on 2.1?

  2. (G)

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  3. nstallion

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    It's a bit of a pain in the ass compared to doing it when rooted.
  4. GirLuvsDroid

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    There are also some home replacement apps you can run on an unrooted Droid that have screen capture. Sweeter Home 2 has it (but the screen shots don't include the notification bar). I don't remember which others have it, but I know they're out there.
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  5. redsrus3k

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    It makes me wanna get a freakin iPhone....yes, I just threw up in my mouth! GEESH! How hard can it be to get an app without invading your phone by rooting?! This feature should have been on the phone to begin with!!!! Good gosh!!!!!!
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    I would love to have sweet home 2 or whatever its called but my tablet keeps on saying 'app not installed' so dose anyone else know of one

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