Screen Capture in Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)Support

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  1. trentham999

    trentham999 New Member

    I've recently installed the Android upgrade to ICS (4.0.4) which claims to provide screen capture by pressing the volume down and power.

    I've tried and I can't get it to work... in fact I've tried all combinations of all buttons, both pressing ans holding.

    Does anyone know if this is really supported on Xoom 2 without rooting, or is it a figment of someone's imagination? ;)

  2. BRUCE225

    BRUCE225 New Member

    Mine works it's definatley power off and volume down..
  3. trentham999

    trentham999 New Member

    Thanks for that. Armed with the knowledge that it really does work I've managed to get it working!

    It seems that the buttons need to be pressed simultaneously and i was trending to press one and hold it down then press the other. That didn't work! Now I'm sorted.

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