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  1. abbyl6497

    abbyl6497 Member

    Is there a way to turn off the stupid screen capture?? My phone will randomly take a screen capture when i press only the power button to make the screen go black. then i will have to go into a program and back out of it to get power button to work for the screen to go black. This is really starting to annoy me. is anyone else having this problem?

  2. Crude

    Crude Well-Known Member

    Do you use bluetooth? I notice it when turning on or off a bluetooth device.
  3. joshica

    joshica Well-Known Member

    This is evidently a built in feature to 2.2. I have some issue with my buttons activating for no reason and when the back button is mysteriously being pushed (by a ghost) and I power off, I get a screen capture. I just got a new phone sent to me to see if that button issue will be fixed. I shouldn't have that Screen Capture issue anymore because I don't usually hold the back button down when powering off.
  4. uohaloran

    uohaloran New Member

    I'm about to return my phone for this exact problem.

    I really hope that this isn't a widespread problem. I plan on getting another Fascinate because this was the only problem I was having - unfortunately it's a pretty severe one.
  5. Rhyno37

    Rhyno37 Member

    I have this exact same problem and it bugs the crap out of me! Has anyone found a fix?
  6. Leonard1818

    Leonard1818 Well-Known Member

    one more checking in!

    It's gotta be a bug. Happens to me all the time and it's SO ANNOYING. I wouldn't even mind as much if it didn't make the camera noise. It's very embarassing. Like when I'm in the silent library (on a college campus) and there's hot girls all over the place and my phone clicks like I'm taking a picture. They probably think I'm taking a picture of them creepily or something. Also, if I check a txt real quick while taking a whiz... you can only imagine what others in the restroom think I'm doing....

    I wouldn't mind clearing out the "screen capture" folder in the gallery every now and then... I just don't want it to make the noise. I mean, don't get me wrong, I want to be able to toggle it off and on, but I'm not hoping for too much all at once...
  7. joshica

    joshica Well-Known Member

    Leonard! I have seen you post on several other threads (Only because you have the exact issue I had). I finally got them to send me a new phone and so far I haven't had the same problem. I have tried to recreate it by leaving it on the charger for all day and then using apps while I have it plugged in. No problems at this point. Hopefully, this is not an issue that happens after using the phone for a while. Although I have had this issue since I can remember (got the phone on 10/1/10).
  8. Reachal

    Reachal New Member

    Mysteriously, while using my phone in any app, my back button will lock up from time to time for a minute or so, during which the home button acts as a screen capture button with shutter noise. Unable to find the pictures as well. It happens in any app and hijacks it while I'm stuck in the app that got hijacked by something in background.

    I've since installed ATK - advanced task killer to identify what's running during my issue and sure enough I see the default Android app called Gallery running but I don't see Gallery in the foreground. Android Task manager doesn't show it running but ATK sees it running. So, I force close it and everything works again usually. At any given time Gallery will silently auto start without my knowledg, sometimes even right after I force closed it. Creepy if someone is watching me remotely as I'm aware of silent apps that can do so (which I've never used). I'm confident that rooting the phone will resolve this to be able to take full control back but it may affect my warranty. So annoying.

    Also if I try to force close the default Samsung app called Y! Finance Clock, then my back and home button issue reappears every time. Strange.

    Samsung galaxy s vibrant -Bell mobility
    froyo 2.2
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  9. Leonard1818

    Leonard1818 Well-Known Member

    Very informative post!

    You know, now that you mention it, sometimes I will go into the stock task manager and find Gallery running... even when I haven't accessed it lately. I kinda shrugged it off cause I'll see other things in there sometimes that I never use (like the stock music player).

    Thanks for the update verizon. :facepalm:
  10. Reachal

    Reachal New Member

    I failed to scroll over in Gallery to notice the hundreds of pictures of screen captures. Lol...delete.

    I can tell whenever there is this problem because either the menu or back button light stays lit frozen. So then both are unresponsive, however the home button acts as a screen capture shutter button. The sound got annoying so I disabled the audio in camera app settings.

    When I first got the phone it was perfect. Tested out many market apps. First issue was I couldn't use back button in contacts to exit it. I suspected at the time it could be app with permissions /access to Contacts crapping out.
    Month later my back button was running haywire at times on its own in any app. Exits out of everything even when just about to send my long emails argh!

    So months later it has evolved to include the other buttons next to it For shits and giggles, such as home button(aka giggles) has dual personality being a screen capture button during its confused state. Menu button (aka shits) will stay lit and will crap itself frozen stiff.

    What's next? Getting auto connected to youtube video of rick rolled?

    Sorry for rant.
  11. twister6

    twister6 Guides Guide

    Interesting. Our SF hasn't done that, but the first week my wife had the phone a mysterious "data" folder showed up in the Gallery list with a single blank pic. Is that what you guys get? Coincidentally I had Juice Defender installed right around that time and so far I haven't seen any more blank pics generated in that folder or the main camera folder. Wonder if JD killing something running in the background, whatever you guys think is causing this problem.

    Just not sure about the logic of a faulty phone. You had everything working OK and after Froyo update or for whatever else reason start to get a problem? Wouldn't it be a bad app or system sw rather than hardware? Just speaking from my DX experience, had a number of issues in the past with bad apps doing funny stuff (satellite radio toggling, battery drainage, etc) until I delete those.
  12. Leonard1818

    Leonard1818 Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking this is definately a software rather than a hardware thing. I tried to be minimalistic with my apps, only dling the ones I knew I would use but I still carry a handful of them.
  13. joshica

    joshica Well-Known Member

    If that is the case...Then what good is this phone?! If all other Android phones appear to work perfectly or for the most part better than my phone, why is it fair that I can only put on a select few?....

    Anyway....after having this issue for a long time, I had finally convinced Verizon to give me a replacement and I have not had this issue since........YET...
  14. Leonard1818

    Leonard1818 Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm not saying you CAN'T have a bunch of apps. I had a zillion before and it was fine. I'm just running "lite" for my own sanity (partly to see if it has any impact on this horrid battery life stuff). I will likely go back to my ways of having a bunch of apps, but for me, I wanted to keep it "clean" after the 2.2 update so if something came up, I wouldn't have as many variables to sift through for troubleshooting purposes.
  15. joshica

    joshica Well-Known Member

    Well after getting my new phone....I'm now starting to get the annoying screen captures again. The phone, overall, is working much better and I'm still happy with the replacement but I don't have a lot of tolerance for any continued problems.
  16. Leonard1818

    Leonard1818 Well-Known Member

    I think it's a software issue. You could get 100 replacement phones and could still have the problem.

    I bet most people either don't notice it or don't care. It's annoying to me.
  17. Doom_Kitteh

    Doom_Kitteh New Member

    I have been having this problem as well. It seems to be a software issue and was happening frequently and under a wide variety of circumstances-texting people, reading emails, watching movies, etc. After some poking around, I have found a possible solution posted by another user that you may want to try. This involves using the commands in the phone dialer to update the key software.

    1-Open phone dialer

    2-Press the buttons INSIDE the parenthesis (*#*#2663#*#*)

    3-Look at 2 different touch screen firmware versions.

    4-I am too lazy to rewrite the screen here, but you dont need that info. Just look at the version number. If they match then you have another problem. If they do not match 22/21 etc, then update them one at a time and your problem should be fixed.

    5-Remember, everything is a double edged sword. Yeah it seems bad when code is not well done and companies should make a better effort to fix their software, but at least samsung was trying to give us something extra that other phones dont have. The screen capture can be a problem if hackers are able to use it to take captures of contact data, sensative messages/photos/info. But remember, alot of people have been asking for this kind of feature...HA HA HA. Anyways, hopefully this fixes it for you, it did for me.
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  18. capecupcake

    capecupcake New Member

    I am having the same problem and it sooo annoying! Anyone have a fix for it?
  19. JE78

    JE78 Well-Known Member

    Add one more to this problem but my phone takes it to a new level. Usually if it happens once its just the beginning, it will happen a bunch more times throughout the day. Some times it will get to the point where the phone screen won't timeout and i'm forced to pull the battery. It happened to me sunday night, the screen never turned off and it drained my battery from blue to red. When I pulled the battery it booted up into safe mode (first time that happened). What a pain in the butt considering my battery life with 2.2 sucks anyway.
  20. swenpro

    swenpro Member

    Just curious, do any of you have the Facebook app installed?

    For me, this was absolutely the issue:

    Facebook. Version 1.5.4.

    I did not have this issue with random screen captures until just last week. It seemed to start happening about a day and a half prior to when I started looking for answers. I looked at my Titanium Backup and--bingo--that was the time I installed a Facebook app (never had a previous version installed). I never even signed into it, just installed it.

    In 5 days since uninstalling the Facebook app I have not once had an instance of random screen capture.

    Hope this helps someone else.
  21. Leonard1818

    Leonard1818 Well-Known Member

    I don't use the facebook app so it's not that for me. I have a feeling it has to do with Handcent since that's the app I most frequently use. I can't be sure however as I haven't tested the theory yet.
  22. Gibbyson

    Gibbyson Well-Known Member

    I actually had this happen to me once when i was ignoring a call. It was weird, but hasn't been a frequent problem, i just thought about this thread when it happened. hmmm.
  23. stinkynelson

    stinkynelson Member

    The screen capture issue is driving me crazy. I want it to stop and I'm thinking that, if I can rename the package file /system/app/ScreenCaptureService.apk and take it out of play, the problem would go away.

    I've tried to do this with Astro but am unable to rename the file as it's a read-only file (I am r00t).

    Can anybody confirm that this might work and, if so, how can I rename the .apk?

    Thanks in advance!
  24. B-rad505

    B-rad505 Member

    RE:Doom Kitteh
    Thanks man it worked for me so far

    samsung galaxy s vib
  25. B-rad505

    B-rad505 Member

    Thanks man it worked for me so far

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