Screen Completely Broken. How do I recover SMS messages

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  1. julesy

    julesy Member

    The Screen of my SGS2 si completely broken after NYE. There are a few cracks so it must have dropped at some stage. I think that the phone is working normally apart from this, although it is difficult to tell. All I need is to recover my text messages, as there are surely lots of Happy NY messages there for me (I hope...).

    Any ideas how I can do this? Perhaps by accessing my phone from my PC? I have APPS: Air Droid and Webkey which both allow remote control operation, but you need to activate from the phone, which I can't do due to the screen.

    Help please!!!!!!

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Digital Controller

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    I would suggest to take it into your provider and see if they can do anything about it. Otherwise your SMS will probably not be able to be recovered.

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