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  1. condog

    condog Well-Known Member

    So through a weird assortment of events i managed to crack the screen on my Eris. But this is the trippy part, I didnt break the glass but the touch sensors underneath. So now i am unable to use the menu or home buttons and the entire left part of my screen and more. I am unable to unlock my device in anyway that i know(menu button, the slider). Is there any other way to unlock it? I now have 11 unread texts and 4 voicemails that I desperately want to view. Oh and I know some of you won't be happy about what I'm about to say but.... I took the leap to the moto droid. I had the chance to get it on a 1 year because I didnt get insurance and I went for it. I will really miss my Eris but the keyboard lag was just killing me. Thanks for any help, input, luck, or anything you may have to offer. Now ends my rant!:D

  2. bowerman

    bowerman Guest

    If there is no physical damage, just take it to verizon. Don't tell them it was dropped or anything, just say it stopped working.
  3. condog

    condog Well-Known Member

    no theres multiple cracks covering the entire screen, so i dont think they'll let it slide
  4. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead VIP Member

    Good luck. I hope the Moto works out for you. You may want to look into repairing the Eris though. You could always sell it on ebay, fixed or not.
  5. bowerman

    bowerman Guest

    Sorry i misunderstood your post! I thought when you said it didn't break the glass, it looked fine! I agree you could always through it on ebay....
  6. condog

    condog Well-Known Member

    well im not really sure where to get replacement parts and the fact that its the sensors underneath and not just the glass makes it a little bit more daunting. and as always thanks! i hope it works out as well!
  7. condog

    condog Well-Known Member

    no problem, i appreciate the input. and yah when i realized what had happened i was stunned to find out that the glass was intact
  8. bowerman

    bowerman Guest

    weird stuff man. I think you will like the moto. A few friends of mine have them, and they are nice!
  9. XgeorgeX

    XgeorgeX Active Member

    ha another person with a cracked screen. I had to leave for a business trip on Monday so I had to go with my phone that had the shattered outside glass. I look super ghetto with my busted phone that has glass falling out of it. There is a way to check your voice mail from another phone I think but I haven't had to do it. The text messages might be forever gone though. This link has instructions on how to get your voice mail from another phone if you still need to get those. If you changed phones the new one should be able to get the voice mails

    Answers to FAQs
  10. condog

    condog Well-Known Member

    dang on the txt's. thanks for the help on the voicemail! and i know what u mean about looking ghetto. I have a bunch of friends who roll with iphones and they are constantly cracking their screens!
  11. butthead007

    butthead007 Well-Known Member

    Bought a holster for mine on the order. I make sure I place it down in a safe place and never let my kids touch it.

    Dunno. Never had a problem with any of my phones. I suppose the mere thought of dealing with employee accounts at verizon wireless has scared me into being more attentive :D
  12. textstev

    textstev Well-Known Member

    Swype is the cure, really. hehe.

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