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  1. trix100318

    trix100318 New Member

    Do you think at one point there will be replacement parts like the glass screen for the cliq? My aunt had the phone for a day and sure enough some how she cracked the screen phone still works great touch screen fine picture fine just cracked glass. I was hoping just at one point I would be able to have my cliq again without the crack haha.

  2. trix100318

    trix100318 New Member

    Here are some pics.. I know I know prob the first to see a cracked cliq but still works perfect.
    sorry camera used to take the pics is not very good.
  3. dj_hollygrove

    dj_hollygrove New Member

    WTF how did she do that?!?! I been so careful with this phone lol
  4. trix100318

    trix100318 New Member

    You got me on that one worse part is she cracked this screen 2 days after having it.. about a month before it was released from t-mobile.
  5. sootsprite22

    sootsprite22 New Member

    Give it time. I am sure someone will make it. You just might have to deal with it for a while or buy a warranty wait the 2 or 3 months before you make a claim and do it that way. Just an idea.
  6. dj_hollygrove

    dj_hollygrove New Member

    from what i heard u can make an insurance claim if u HAD insurance on the phone.. i would order it 2day if u can.. just call and find out
  7. goyk

    goyk Active Member

    Get insurance from t-mobile, wait a few weeks, and file a claim.
    I was told it's 5.99 a month with a $130 deductible.
  8. 90green

    90green New Member

    anybody found replacement yet ? :( I have had mine for four days and smashed the outer glass this morning. IT SUCKS!!!!!
  9. trix100318

    trix100318 New Member

    no luck on my end i really wish i could find something tho somewhat reasonable
  10. BossyBBri

    BossyBBri Active Member

    Wow... that sucks tremendously... I'd cry! But you could try searching around on eBay... but I think your best bet would to be filing an insurance claim...
  11. rebectig

    rebectig New Member

    I've had the cliq for a few months and dropped it about 5 days got a huge crack in it. the worst part is is that it was mostly my friends fault and she wont even give me any money to help pay the insurance claim! $130!! i filled the claim thingy and just received the replacement cliq last night...brought it to school today, and of course...dropped AND CRACKED it again. my mom is going to be pissed and so am i. yeah im a klutz but these phones are crap
  12. dmkjr

    dmkjr Active Member

    I had my first CliQ for exactly a week. The same damn thing happened, ironically looked the same as well. Started it's crack at the earphone portion of the phone. I was playing beer-pong with the phone in my pocket and a BIC lighter. The BIC won the fight, insurance deductible later.
  13. hannahrz

    hannahrz New Member

    My cliq is also horribly cracked. It's the only touch screen I've had before so I really don't know what I need to replace. The screens all seem to cost more than the digitizer, but I quite frankly don't know which I need to get. It looks just like the pictures at the top.
  14. mheinle

    mheinle New Member

    Hello Hannahrz,
    If yours looks like the above then you need a new digitizer. I just bought a new one from the site above and replaced it myself. On the Global direct site you must buy two to place an order they are about 22.50 each plus $9 shipping. Since I bought two and only need one I would be willing to sell my extra digitizer for $35 This would save you $15 over order 2 plus shipping. Let me know if you are interested. You can e-mail me @ mheinle(at)
  15. You can send the phone to Motorola to do an "out of warranty" repair for $75 (with tax and shipping costs factored in, it's about $90). That's what I did to repair my cracked Cliq screen. It took UPS 5 days to ship it to their center, but they had it fixed in 2 days and then returned it next-day delivery. Came back looking like new, I recommend it.

    You have to jump some hoops to submit it for repair, you have to go here and click on "Repair Submission":
  16. mheinle

    mheinle New Member

    Just an FYI I still have my extra digitizer from Global direct. I really just want to cover my cost on it so I will sell it for $30 which includes the shipping. It is the best price you will find for one with shipping included. The one I used works great so I would assume the extra will work great as well. It is still in the original packaging.
  17. technocrat123

    technocrat123 New Member

    You have a PM.
  18. natere2

    natere2 New Member

    the site seems to be down, as is the whole Motorola support site!!! :confused:

    i cant believe a company as large as that would have sites down due to "maintenance"... supposed to be back up dec 4th. LOL

    And today is....?

    I have a CLIQ that has the same issue, the lcd itself is fine but the glass touch screen plate is gone pecan...

    anyone have a cheap way to buy a replacement one and instructions on how to install it...

    note there are two little circuit tabs on the left and right side of the LCD under the glass plate...i ripped a little piece off one hope i didn't total the unit...

    if so i have parts for sale!

    anymore need the LCD or the keyboard, motherboard, battery etc etc?!?!
  19. natere2

    natere2 New Member

  20. CaptMolecule

    CaptMolecule New Member

    Global now requires purchase of three (3) screens. I only need the one. Anybody else looking for one? As soon as I have at least one more buyer, I'll go ahead and place the order.
  21. sfitch

    sfitch New Member

    Yeah -- I need one -- about to purchase 3 from Global Direct but I only need one. Do you still have an extra one?
  22. SuperC142

    SuperC142 Well-Known Member

    EpicM, thank you very much for posting that video! There's no way I would have succeeded in replacing my digitizer without this. It turned out to be a lot harder than I was expecting, but this video helped tremendously. Now, my phone is as good as new and it only cost me 25 bucks (it was shattered in the same way as the photos above).
  23. ahwoogamac

    ahwoogamac New Member

    I'm running into a problem. I purchased a new screen, and I followed the video exactly. While time consuming, it didn't seem to hard. After I got the new screen in place, I followed the video in reverse to put it back together. However, after I put it together, my phone isn't turning on!

    When I put the battery in and press the power button, the phone briefly vibrates and the LED light lights up for a few seconds, but then it goes off and nothing else happens. I thought it maybe something with the screen, but nothing else happens either. No sound, no nothing. I thought it may be because I didn't connect some of the flex cables correctly, so I went back and disassembled and reassembled the phone another few times. I'm a pro now at taking this phone apart and putting it back together, but I'm no closer to getting it to turn back on again.

    Does anybody have an idea why it's doing this? I've double checked the video and the phone, and I can't see anything I've missed.
  24. pacman62

    pacman62 New Member

    please post the link to the video with the screen substitution instructions,and possibly the link for buying new glass.

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