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  1. Slylust

    Slylust Active Member

    Dropped the phone for the first time from my pocket the screen ends up being completely cracked. Didnt get insurance and i am past the 30days.

    Anyone have any suggestions on what to do now

  2. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Buy a new phone, start looking for replacement screens or find out how much it would cost to have HTC repair it.
  3. barnacles

    barnacles Well-Known Member

    Ouch, these things seem to crack easily if dropped :/
  4. asaberan

    asaberan Well-Known Member

    Just to add, even if you were within 30 days it wouldn't have made a difference. Physical damage or accidental damage aren't covered by the return policy.
  5. Slylust

    Slylust Active Member

  6. asaberan

    asaberan Well-Known Member

    They probably don't even have the parts yet and you will likely get a replacement anyway, although it may be a refurb.
  7. Slylust

    Slylust Active Member

    If i do get parts any approximation on the cost.

    It is 100$ deductible for the insurance right
  8. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead VIP Member

    Just a warning for all of you.

    Any more suggestions of insurance fraud will result in infractions and the thread closing.
  9. barnacles

    barnacles Well-Known Member

    all insurance claims have 100 dollar deductible for physical damage, yes
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  10. south875

    south875 Active Member

    I learned my lesson about getting a phone with no insurance. Now I get it at least for the first year while replacement prices are still high.
  11. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    You are past 30 days (which doesn't matter anyway because it is user error) and don't have insurance. Your only options are:
    1) Contact HTC or SPrint and find out the cost of repair. Probably HTC
    2) Find a third party that provides replacement parts and repairs and get a quote from them
    3) Track down a replacement screen and follow one of the online manuals for do it yourself EVO screen replacement. Ifixit has one I believe
    4) Purchase a new phone out right from Sprint or Ebay

    I do really and truly feel bad about your situation. I might cry if I dropped my phone. Now I have to knock on some wood so I Don't.
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  12. Bic101

    Bic101 Well-Known Member

    Call the credit card company you used to buy it. Mine (both AmEx and Citi MasterCard) cover 90 days of accidental damage and extend the warranty one year on any product you buy with your card. Worth a try.
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  13. Slylust

    Slylust Active Member

  14. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    I think the credit card thing is an excellent suggestion. Also the second listing mentions that it is for Version 003 only so make sure any screen you buy is for your Hardware Version (002 or 003) but both listing seem legit.
  15. Bic101

    Bic101 Well-Known Member

    Keep us informed about the credit card coverage. I've always wondered how it would work. Anyone else try using their credit card's extended warranty?
  16. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Well-Known Member

    As an attorney, I must disagree with your statement concerning insurance fraud. Sprint specifically permits customers to retroactively add insurance to phones for 30 days after purchase. This is not unlike COBRA provisions which allow health insurance to be retroactively added up to 90 days past a qualifying event. Certainly, no one is accusing an individual of "insurance fraud" when they have an accident or disability and decide to add insurance at a later, but permitted date.

    I haven't researched this issue, but I think it is premature to cry "fraud" when Sprint does specifically permit retroactive insurance without investigation and apparently without qualification.
  17. EasyEEE

    EasyEEE Well-Known Member

  18. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Not knowing how much of the thread you saw or not, but there were, prior to the posts being removed, definitely posts suggesting that the OP commit "insurance fraud, i.e. falsifying the facts to obtain payment that would not otherwise be paid.

    That being said, feel free to PM the Mods/Admins if you think the matter needs looked at again or needs looked at differently! :)
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  19. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Well-Known Member

    Ah, yes, I didn't see the prior posts. That would certainly make a difference. My view is that I haven't seen Sprint regard the purchase of insurance retroactively following an accident as fraud. (And I suppose I should read their insurance (Assurion) in depth, but I have just been lazy.)
  20. tqlla

    tqlla Well-Known Member

    Ouch... I didnt think these phones were so weak. I guess I should add the insurance if I stay with Sprint
  21. Roadblock

    Roadblock Well-Known Member

    I made a comment on new LCD/Glass being available in Hong Kong for the phones a few weeks back. About a week after launch? They had that shit ready to go in Hong Kong about launch time.

    ANYWAY, I do a lot of whole sale from HK and one of my friends there told me I better get a spare screen for my EVO, I had texted him looking for some new products and he saw my text was from an HTC EVO (signature) and he commented on the fact I better have him pick me up a screen because they break really easy.

    Anyway that said he quoted me less then 50% what they are going for on eBay so if you guys hold out a bit I'm sure they will drop in price soon. Right now they are just taking advantage of the new market.
  22. Bic101

    Bic101 Well-Known Member

  23. KoukiFC3S

    KoukiFC3S Well-Known Member

    Girlfriend dropped her EVO tonight. Had the seidio case and the screen shattered. :eek:
  24. Traceamount

    Traceamount Well-Known Member

    Far as im aware, the Best Buy insurance has no deductible. The rep said, if I drop it and it breaks, or lands in a puddle, just bring it back np. Its all covered. Youre certain "all insurance claims" have this?
  25. natty911

    natty911 New Member

    I have two screens and other parts if you need them for a small fee.

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