Screen destroyed but phone works, can data be saved?Support

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    Oct 13, 2010
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    My Vibrant wound up on the road and driven over...don't ask

    Much to my surprise it started ringing while I held it shattered in my hand.

    I've plugged it into my PC and it knows its there as well as it continues to alarm, ring, and alert.

    I caved and went the insurance route, despite the fact it help up as well as it did ($3 skin from Amazon seemed to help). Now I have figured most my data is that I finally had it all setup nicely.

    It's not rooted and I didn't have any fancy apps for this but is there any way with USB I can extract any useful data from it before I send it in on warranty?

    Also, they assured me all my contacts would be on Gmail or one of my many corporate/facebook/personal email accounts but nothing seems to have been. Is there a setting I missed for keeping that backed up?



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